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Minji's POV:

My entire body is cold.

Is this what it feels like to die?

"Minji! Minji open your eyes goddämmit!"

I open my eyes to Jimin with his hands on the sides of my face. Once again his feathers are ultimately shielding me from danger and for a second I wonder if he's different from the rest of them.

I mean this is the second time he's saved my life.

Jimin stands up, still shielding me as he asks my father, "where's the fücking book?"

"I didn't show you before what makes you think I'd show you now?" My father growls back. Except, his voice no longer sounds like my father... instead it sounds almost... demonic.

Wait, my father can see them?

Jimin lets out a sigh, this time his wings falling down at his sides. Now I can see my fathers face, but it's no longer familiar to me.

"That could be you if you don't help us,"

I jump at a sudden voice to my left.

"Excuse me?" I say to Jungkook.

"Your father is a half demon. It's what your ancestors are rewarded with if you don't help us," He shrugs in response.

"Is that even a reward?" I scoff.

"It's a matter of opinion I guess. Your father gets to live a mortal life while also possessing the powers of a demon," Jungkook explains, rolling his head to look at me, "kind of tempting, huh?"

"No not really..." I trail off. What exactly are the powers of a demon?

"Give us the book you dïck!" Yoongi shouts over Jungkook and I's small conversation.

"I'll help you out a bit," my father laughs, "I no longer have it. To be honest, it's lost,"

"Lost? But if you don't know where it is, and your daughter doesn't know where it is... then what are we supposed to do?!" V exclaims out of frustration.

"I guess that's for you to find out. Minji would be of use except I've never showed the girl her true powers. At this point she's as useful as God is to you,"

"I have powers?" I turn to Jungkook.

"Technically. If you know how to use them finding the book would be a peace of cake. The only problem is that you've probably lost all of them considering you're 16 years old and didn't even know you about practically any of this," Jungkook replies, "this is why we thought you were adopted,"

"Anyways, take the fücking girl and get out of my house. It'll be fun watching you fail once again," My father chuckles.

Jungkook helps me to my feet and then walks on ahead. I slowly step around Jimin, shakily trying to go around my father. Before I can think I stop myself and look him dead in the eye.

"You killed mother?" I ask.

"Of course. She got in my way,"

"How'd she get in your way?" I keep myself from yelling by clutching the ends of my sleeves.

"By having you,"

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