Part 15: Don't Leave Me!

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I added the song just cause I wanted to cause it's been stuck in my head, plus it's the intro song for Fairy Tail for a couple episodes.

~Lucy's p.o.v.~

Erza still isn't talking to me and neither is anyone else but Natsu, I can see reasons for Erza and Lisanna but the others? It's driving me insane! We get to the cave where we were supposed to fight this beast or something, and we all enter the cave.

Suddenly the room goes pitch black I turn to say their names but I can't hear my voice I turn and see this shadowy figure floating towards me. I turn to run but I'm frozen in place, suddenly the figure reaches out it's finger and taps my forehead, the cave is back to normal for as much as I can see before I'm falling and everything goes black.

~Erza's p.o.v.~

We walk into the cave and I turn to Lucy who's not moving 'maybe I should apologize' I start walking toward her but then a huge growl comes from the shadows of the cave and then what happens next is what no one expected.

A large black crystal fly's toward Lucy she's still not moving my eyes widen and everyone starts running toward her, but we were too late... the giant crystal impales Lucy right thru her stomach (A/n: I kinda feel bad for making Lucy always get stabbed thru the stomach😅) and begins to glow.

"It's sucking out her magic power! Get it out fast!" Laxus yells toward me but my legs are stranded I look down to see concreate hands holding me in place the next thing I see is the crystal turning white and disappearing. Lucy's eyes had color in them and she blinked before falling on the ground, her eyes dulling again.

Suddenly I hear a voice in my head 'hey Erza, I don't have that much time left so I'm giving you my back up magic power to save me and our friends we may never see each other again so... I love you Erza and nothing happened between Lisanna and I, I will always love you and just you. Good bye my knight' The voice of Lucy shut off in my head and suddenly I feel a boost of magic power it made my magic 5x stronger.

I smiled and shot a bolt of lightning out of my finger at the concrete hands, I run at full speed toward the beast that hurt my Lucy. I re-quipped a sword and it burned a fiery purple I jumped up and stabbed the beast in the heart making it fall on a sharp crystal and die, I turned back to everyone and they were shocked "Lucy!" I yelled running and put my fingers on her neck to check her pulse.

"Her pulse is small but it's worth saving!" I put my hands over Lucy's body to start healing her but it felt like there was a blockage blocking me from healing her. "Come on, come on! Work!" I kept trying to heal her, Lisanna put her fingers to Lucy's neck. Her eyes started watering, and I tried even harder to heal her. I was suddenly pulled back by Jack who I swiftly punched in the face. I went back to try to heal Lucy but nothing was happening "Erza... She's dead..." Lisanna whispered.

~Nobody's p.o.v.~

"Reza... She's dead..." Lisanna whispered, "No she can't be dead, she she just can't be!" Erza said trying harder to save the blonde. ERZA SHE'S DEAD! You can't do anything!" Laxus said his voice failing him, "No, no, no, no!" Erza yelled.

Suddenly a glowing light surrounded Erza her hair floating above her head her clothes changing, her eyes glowed a brilliant red, her chair glowing too. "DON'T LEAVE ME!" Erza yelled her voice becoming demonic, she suddenly felt a soft hand grab her wrist. Erza looked down to see a beautiful blonde princess named Lucy Dragneel smiling up at her before the world blanked out.

~Erza's p.o.v.~

I wake up in a room that is so familiar to me now, the guilds infirmary got me hooked up to a heart rate monitor. I turn my head to see a blonde sitting in the chair next to my bed sleeping, her face was tear stained and she had bags under her eyes. The door to the infirmary opens I quickly close my eyes so I could listen, "Well it's my professional opinion that Ms. Scarlet will not be waking up, should we ask Ms. Dragneel to take her off of life support?" "No, Erza still needs life support. I can feel like she's gonna wake up soon I just know it!" A crying Lucy says.

A tear rolls down my face, "See she can hear me! Come on Erza wake up... WAKE UP!!!" "Ms. Dragneel don't yell at the patient! There is no possible way for her to wake up!" The unfamiliar voice says. Then I feel a pair of lips on mine, my eyes spring open to see Lucy kissing me. Her eyes ere closed, so I kissed back.

Her eyes sprung open and widened as she stopped the kiss and stepped back I frowned, "Erza! You're alive!" she hugged me and the unfamiliar doctors looked shocked "Of course I'm alive! I wouldn't die without doing it with you first!" I giggled and Lucy blushed and helped me get out of bed, she looked older and tired. We walked into what was left of the guild, it was in shambles and a ver weary Mira pumped over to us "" she mumbled before hugging me.

"What happened?" I asked "Dragon... Fight... Boom... Death" Mira said "Who- Who died?" "Master..." Mira said in a low voice and looked down. I was shocked beyond words I looked around the guild and it was falling apart and people were everywhere working on their wounds even little Asuka, "Why can't Lucy heal them?" I asked and Lucy looked down guilt strewn across her face. "I can't seem to remember how to use my magic, and Laxus, Lisanna, Natsu, Jack, Levy, Gajeel, Juvia, and Gray were all taken with the dragon that attacked us."

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