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Today was my first day of school, how I hate school. Right let me introduce myself: I am Yoona and I am 19 this year and I am an orphan sadly, my parents died and soon I was adopted by new foster parents.

Anyway, off to school I go.

Time skip

I went to class with my best friends Lisa and

"Where is Rosé? Isn't she always the early bird here?" I asked a little curious about what had happened to my best friend.

"Oh we haven't seen her since morning, maybe she slept in?" Jennie answered in a rather unsure tone, I guess she doesn't know either.

Weird...she isn't here yet.

Meanwhile with Jimin:
"Rosé you look absolutely beautiful that I just want you all to myself..." I purred into her ear and slowly building up her happy emotion. It is the emotion that contained most life according to my devil studies at least.

"I love you too..." she hummed.

I played with her hair slowly and combed my hand through it making sure not to drag on the tangled ends of her hair.

I have been doing this for years yet the girls just keep on begging for more. I love being a pretty boy and just mess with the girls.

After all I need all the life energy I can get from these girls.

I am feeding off their life to survive, not all of it I am not that cruel.

"Come lets just do something more than this holding hands thing....we have been together for 6 months now yet we have done nothing more. Don't you love me at all?" I slowly whined to get her to give up her life to me so that I could live.

No one ever question my doings as a devil and no one knows the truth either.

My charms just seem to reel in my prey and they would willingly do this for me. I could get used to that life. But my biggest challenge is Yoona. She never dated, wonder how she actually survived school for so many years.

Yoona  POV

Rosé was so late like 2h late for classes I am seriously starting to worry for her just hoping that she isn't with that Jimin.

"Yoona do you want to know something?" Lisa jumped in her seat.

"Sure?" I was a little skeptical about what she has to say, she always has all sorts of weird news which I am always conflicted of whether to believe or not. Well it was typical little Lisa anyway.

"You know Rosé said she was tired and she wasn't coming to school?" She informed me and I just nodded taking note of the new information.

"Coincidentally Jimin was the opposite he seemed just so full of life and also Rosé and Jimin broke up. I always thought they were a cute couple together." She blabbered on about them looking cute together and she got them couple shirts blah blah blah but I fixated myself on the first news. Got you!  I quickly told Lisa I had to go home and i just left.

I went online to search about the symptoms of Rosé's condition and what I found was shocking. It was the drainage of life. What could he potentially be? Well I certainly am not very sure about that but I will get to the bottom of this. I continued researching until my head hurt. I will find out who you really are Mr Playboy Park Jimin, till then I will just keep my distance just in case something awful happens to me in the process.

You have never been good news Mr Park Jimin.

To be continued

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