Moon Child |18.5|

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This scene happens in Moon Child between Chapters 18 and 19
(it can be read after the events of  chapter 18) Thank you for reading. 

There is peace, even in the storm.


Jay gripped Daisy's waist, taking in her scent. Trying to calm himself down with the smell. His senses still ran wild, blood still pumping with a need to see red again as the memories of what he had caused flashed within his mind.



The sound vibrated into the very core of his being. Echoing into his thoughts to make him forget anything else.

"Daisy." Her name whispered upon his lips pushed aside the sound of agony.

"Daisy. Daisy. Daisy." Each word brought him closer to her as he slowly moved her towards him, reaching up to pull her down to him.

Each whisper of her name had a heat crawling within her skin. Jay took in the different shade of red that canvased her body.

She moved with him, rolling with his arms as he switched positions. Now she was the one looking up to him. Her pale moon blessed eyes were hooded with lust. The expression alone was enough to make Jay forget anything else.

"If I continue...I won't stop," he warned her beforehand, waiting for her to push him back, or declare that they should slow down their actions. But the moon blessed healer surprised him. She reached forward, wrapping her arms around his neck and pushing him down.

"About damn time," she whispered.

Jay could not help the rise of his lips from her words.

She leaned in, a hopeful and needy look on her face as Jay watched those lips come closer. But the rule of his win still surged within him. Still sat restless and excited. The thirst for power ran wild in his mind, leaking into his actions. He pulled back, not letting flesh connect.

A low sound came from Daisy. The sound alone had Jay's mind reeling in desire. They both were perfumed in the smell of each other- in the want they were not hiding.

Jay pressed his lips to her neck, letting his tongue come out to taste the moon blessed female. She had an edge of salt yet a hint of something else. Something that set her apart from others. It only reminded Jay that she did not entirely belong to him.

And that thought alone was enough to push him over the edge.

A low growl left his throat. Daisy's eyes widened at the noise, a heat growing lower within her as it pressed against her body. The sound of his desire vibrating and collecting to her flesh.

His tongue lowered until it met with the collar of her shirt. She gasped as the material ripped apart. Looking up, she saw a gleeful look on Jay's face as a single clawed finger stretched the material out and off her.

"I liked that shirt," she said, but her words were stopped short as Jay explored what the shirt had been hiding. And soon Daisy was bare before him. He had stripped her, leaving her exposed.

She stretched forward and stilled as Jay pulled back. She was resting between him, taking in the fact that he still had on all his clothes while she wore nothing but her skirt and undergarments below it.

"Jay," she tugged at the shirt, but the wolf only shook his head, eyes swirling black in want as he examined Daisy.

"Jay," she wanted his mouth back on her skin. She wanted the heat to connect to her core again. But Jay only smiled and raised a single hand.

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