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"I came for you," he utters quietly.

With his eyes up and pointed at you, he stares at you innocently. Instead of scared and confused, like you, he almost looks calm as though he knew this would be the outcome.

"I-I'm sorry, you're not making any sense." You reach for your phone once more, preparing to call someone for help. "I think you must have hit your head or something, so I'm going to get some help."

He simply shakes his head in disagreement. "No," is all he says before extending his hand before you.

"What is it?" You ask while inspecting the back of his hand, thinking maybe he is showing you some kind of wound or injury. He flips it over and you gasp at what's written on the pale skin across his wrist.


Jet black ink spells your name out perfectly across his skin. "W-Why the heck is my name on your wrist?" You ask while standing up, somehow just announcing to your brain that this completly sensless situation has gone far enough... Because there's no way this is real.

He brings his hand back to himself and runs his fingertips over the patch of skin that has your name engraved in black lettering on it. "I'm finally home."

"H-home?!" you repeat the word in disbelief. "N-No," you take another step back.

He shakes his head side to side while looking up at your confused figure. "You are my home." You sigh while placing your hand on your forehead as if in defeat. "Are y-you going to leave me?" he asks, voice cracking.

Confused beyond comprehension, you stare down at the boy in front of you who is close to tears. "N-no, I mean..." you try to calm down, "I just need some answers, okay?"


Hesitantly, you let out a deep breath and go back to sitting next to him on the floor. "Where did you come from?" You ask, adding "I mean, rather than just the sky?"

"I came for you."

You shake your head, repeating the question. "Do you know where you came from, though?"

"I only know that I came for you." He responds. "Are you upset with me?"

You shake your head. "Of course not, I'm just confused. I guess I haven't asked, but what's your name?"


"Yes. My names Y/N, what's yours?" You let out the question, confirming once again in your consciousness just how disbelieving this situation is. He looks down while struggling to come up with an answer. "Do you... have a name?" You finally ask.

He shakes his head back and forth.

"That's just fine. You can have any name you want, so just choose one so I can address you for now." His face is still down, and he fidgets with his fingers for a few moments.

He looks back up at you, "Y/N."

You pause, waiting for another comment to come that says he's not serious. More moments pass, and he continues to look at you with the same round eyes. He's serious. "That's my name."

"Your name," he parrots, "Y/N."

You sigh, hesitating before saying, "How about I call you... Jihoon?" He shakes his head back and forth.

You take another long look at his face. "Jimin."

He shakes his head up and down violently in approval.

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