Book 2: chapter 3

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After a short night, I lightly make my way through the hallways of the medical quarters following the excited hobbit ahead of me. Today I will finally be able to meet his famous friend, as he finally seems fit enough to have more visitors. Samwise told me that his master has been bored and is eager for anything to take his mind off of recovering.

Sam opens a door for me, letting me inside. Looking around, I spot a dark haired hobbit with unruly hair and bright eyes sitting upright in a bed too large for his tiny frame. He seemed to be fidgeting before we stepped in.

He looks nervous to see me, but his nerves seem to lessen as his friend looks back and forth excitedly. "Master Frodo, this is lady Therith. I have told you about her before." Sam states stepping forward and sitting down by the bed.

Slowly stepping forward, I bow lightly. "So you are the famous Frodo Baggins? Your friends speak highly of you. Pleasure to finally be meeting you." I say before taking a seat as well. He looks away embarrassed.

"Please don't mind them much, I am just a hobbit from the Shire, like any other." he says making me smile.

"If you are anything like your uncle, you surely can't be like any other." I tell him, making his eyes widen in surprise.

"I heard you knew Bilbo, but wasn't sure it was true." he gapes.

"It is true. I met Bilbo many years ago and I consider him a dear friend." I say making him smile sadly.

"Oh Bilbo...I just wish I could see him once more." he sighs.

Sam looks at his master guiltily, feeling bad at hiding Bilbo's whereabouts. I decide to intervene before he pops the secret.

"Do not fret Frodo. I am certain you will meet again, can you not feel it in your heart?" At these words he seems to brighten a little and Sam seems visibly relieved.

After that we had some pleasant conversation, lasting for a long while until Frodo finally seemed to tire. I said my goodbyes and left the two hobbits to themselves. I wasn't alone for long, because the other two hobbits soon found me during dinner.

They recalled many stories of them misbehaving, seeming to have a sense of pride in it. It made me gaze at them in wonder and sometimes in disbelief. "Don't tell me you never got into any mischief when you were younger miss Therith?" Pippin asks in disbelief after seeing the looks I give them.

"I can't say that I have." I tell him truthfully, making them gaze back with the same sense of disbelief.

"She is well making up for it though." comes a voice from behind, coated in laughter.

I look behind me to see Legolas there, giving us a knowing smile. "Oh? Do tell." I dare him as he sits with us.

"Well, I do remember you slinging yourself out of the window from quite a way up. Gave me quite a scare, you did." he recalls making the two hobbits look up at him curiously.

I blink at him. "Gave you a scare? Truly?" I wonder.

"Well, yes actually." he admits before turning to Merry and Pippin.

"There are a few things you should know about this woman if you wish to be friends with her...." he starts, making me perk a brow. "She is reckless, foulmouthed at times and incredibly stubborn." he tells them, making the hobbits grin.

I can only look at the side of his face indignantly before he speaks again. "But she is also loyal, caring and one of the bravest warriors I ever had the chance to meet."

I am silent for a moment as he turns to look at me innocently. After a moment I shake my head, rolling my eyes. "You're terrible Legolas." I say making him grin in return. I sigh smiling, before taking a bite from my meal, deciding it best to ignore him for a while.

Knowing what I'm up to, he only chuckles to himself before getting up and retrieving himself a meal. I glance back at the amused looking hobbits and chuckle, finishing my meal.

For the next few days it is the epitome of calm. It is as if the worries in Middle-Earth do not reach us here, that is until we are reminded of the council. Today it will be held as Frodo has recovered his strength. Suddenly I regret the fast fleeting of the days. I can barely even recall the party of the night before, as my mind was already leagues away. I do remember the happy reunion between Bilbo and Frodo though. That was quite a surprise indeed. It makes me smile thinking back on it.

Dressed neatly but casually in a tunic, long pants and boots, I make my way to the location where the meeting is to be held and I smile in amusement as the sound of hobbit feet follow me from close behind.

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