Book 2: chapter 24

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After arriving back at Edoras, we found that preparations were being made for a feast in celebration for our victory and to honor the dead. Éowyn was quick to whisk me off and have me fit dresses before having me cleaned up from head to toe.

Putting on her favorite pick after drying myself from the bath, I look myself over in the mirror and start braiding my hair. I can't help feel conflicted about the feast. I have a hard time letting go of the thought of dangers approaching.

There is still much to come for us...let alone for Frodo and Sam. I wonder where they are now and if they are well. I swallow hard at the fear I feel for them. I wish I could see them just so I know that they are doing alright.

"Lady Therith?" comes a questioning voice from the doorway, making me look up quickly.

"Are you well? I knocked, but you didn't answer." Éowyn asks in a worried tone. I blink, trying to hide the uncertainty in my eyes.

"Forgive me. My mind was elsewhere." I state, getting to my feet and facing her. She looks into my eyes deeply, as if searching for something before smiling.

"Come, no worries today. You deserve to enjoy yourself for a moment." she says, ushering me out of the room.

"I must go to my uncle to walk with him to the feast, but I'm leaving you in good hands I believe." she states, motioning to a figure behind me. "I will see you soon." she states before walking off with a happy smile. I smile after her, glad to see that her spirits are so high.

Turning around, I face Legolas, who carries a gentle smile. "Allow me to escort you, hiril vuin. (my lady)" he says, bowing slightly before holding out his hand.

I smile lightly, taking it while curtsying. "It will be my pleasure my lord."

"If I may say look like a jewel, crafted by the Valar themselves." he compliments, making me blush profusely. He grins at this, knowing I have difficulty taking compliments.

Clearing my throat, I compose myself and take a moment to look him over. He is dressed nicely in a tunic suit for royalty. "Thank you. You look mighty fine yourself Legolas." I say earnestly.

I barely suppress a sharp intake of breath as he reaches out and tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. His smile falters for a moment as he looks into my eyes with a serious expression on his fine features.

"I know what bothers you." he states, taking me aback. "But Lady Éowyn is right, you need to put away those worries for tomorrow. If you don't, I won't be able to see your heart put into that smile of yours when I whisk you away for a dance. It would quite sadden me." he finishes, a smile once again raised on his lips.

"I'm sorry. I cannot help myself." I say as I go to look down at my feet, but he prevents me from doing so by gently taking hold of my chin and guiding my sight upward.

He smiles sadly as I look into his eyes. "I too worry for them, we all do Therith. But we need to have confidence in them. We would know if Sauron caught onto them. Have faith." he urges, letting go.

I nod at his words. "I do have faith in them." I tell him, making him grip onto my hand tighter.

"Then enjoy tonight. You have fought hard and some pleasant activity has been way overdue. There is no need to feel guilty." he says, lifting my spirits some.

"Hm." I hum, musing over his words while starting to rock back and forth on my feet lightly. "Alright. I will not be sulking tonight. I would hate to be the bore of the party."

He nods satisfied. "Excellent. I promise you my lady, you shall not regret it."

After toasting and taking a moment to remember those who perished, drink is quick to flow and music sounds. We soon find Gimli among the men. He looks around with a daring smirk, only to grin wider when he sees us approaching.

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