Book 2: chapter 29

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Once again I'll have to be careful of arrows, but I need to ignore this disadvantage for now. I'm of better use up here than down below, especially against an enemy such as this.

My first arrow is quick to embed itself in one of the riders of a Mumakil. It yells out in horror as it falls off its mount before landing harshly on the ground. Not a second later, his body is trampled.

Glancing down, I can't help but feel sorrow at the lives that are being destroyed right this instant. The Mumakil swoop their heads back and forth, their tusks, often armed, crash into the riders unfortunate enough to stray in their path. There are many, many casualties. It's sickening to hear the crack of bone along with dying screams, cut short.

Quickly shooting a spray of arrows, I clear the path for landing, crashing on top of one of the creatures. Immediately, I draw my sword, cutting down the last few perched on top before rushing toward the great creature's head. Sucking in a deep breath of air, I raise my blade high before digging it into the weak spot in the back of its skull with all my might, severing the necessary nerves.

I hold on to it as the Mumakil stumbles for a few moments before sinking to its knees with a loud crash. The earth trembles at the weight. Ripping out my sword, I quickly take off again, dodging the arrows aimed at me by only a hair. This kill just made them particularly aware of me.

I grin when Éomer throws a spear right into a Haradrim's captain's chest, making the man fall from his perch, the reigns of the Mumakil still attached. In response, the creature steers away from the Rohirrim and crashes into other Mumakil, wreaking havoc.

Spotting my two friends, I see they are still holding strong as well. However, taking a little more risk than I would like for them to take, getting up close and personal with the giant opponents. I quickly shoot down a Haradrim that has their aim set on the two of them.

However, I cannot prevent what happens next: I watch in horror as a Mumakil is brought down, and nearly on top of Merry and Éowyn. They are thrown off their horse and manage to survive, though now separated. I'm about to swoop down as they are being assaulted by orcs, but a terrifying shriek pulls away my attention, sending my mind in overdrive.

Whipping back my head to look, I barely fold my wings in time before they are ripped away from me. I hold my breath as a head full of razor sharp teeth snaps closed where I was just half a second before.

Regaining control of myself after receiving such a fright, I'm very much aware of the opponent I face: a Ringwraith and its flying steed. I curse myself for being caught in its attention. Never before have I faced such an opponent. It makes my confidence waver.

I quickly dodge as the beast claws and snaps at me in mid-air before circling around to have another go. My heart beats hard in fright as my eyes take in the darkness behind the Ringwraith's veil. Something made of pure evil lies there.

Reaching behind me, I startle when I find my quiver empty. With an annoyed huff, I release my precious bow, not wanting it to get in the way. In its stead, I draw my sword once more, it already being caked in blood and face my opponent as it draws close once more.

However, as I anticipate its attack, I'm shocked when it turns away at the last second and dives towards the ground. As I realize what its intentions are, what its true prey is, my mouth opens in a silent scream, wanting to warn the unaware sovereign of the doom that is about to befall him. However there is nothing I can do...

The moment I go to dive after the creature, I sense another stir in the air. My eyes widen in horror and a shriek bursts from my throat as a set of black wings envelope me from behind. Claws dig into my body as they wrap around my torso with crushing strength.

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