Book 2: chapter 12

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"Therith?" a low voice calls, pulling my attention away from the drops trickling down the tree's bark from the rain that fell the previous night.

"Aragorn." I acknowledge as he sits down next to me on the lonely bench.

"How have you been faring?" he questions, worry hidden within his tone of voice. "We have not seen you since last night."

I sigh at the question, expecting it, but not looking forward to it.

"I can hardly imagine that you cannot guess at my feelings my friend. They reach deep." I state leaving him silent. "But...I decided not to give in to it anymore. I will continue on and try to bare it." I continue, nodding to myself.

Aragorn nods slowly, taking it in. "I am very sorry Therith, for what happened. But I am glad that you continue to persevere. I am sure I speak for all of us, if you decided otherwise; we would have greatly missed you. Your strength of mind would have made him proud." he states, making a ghost of a smile leave my lips.

"I would not have such strength, were it not for the company." I state, grateful.

"Aragorn?" I question after a moment of thought, deciding to go for it while I have him to myself, though reluctantly, considering the subject. "Why have you and Arwen parted in such a way?" I ask, knowing he will understand my meaning.

He hums, seeming to overthink his answer.

"I have told Arwen, it would be better if she sailed." he finally admits, making me look at him shocked.

"Why would you do that? I thought you would be together until the end of your days." I exclaim, making him smile bitterly. "It is for the best. She will not have to wither away while me returning is chanced so slight."

"I highly doubt she agreed with you." I say, not able to imagine Arwen giving up her future with him. She wanted to become mortal for him.

He looks to the ground sadly. "No, she did not. But it is done." he states, before gathering himself rather suddenly. "Well milady, now that I have made sure you are still among us, I shall go gather us some information for the journey ahead." he says, giving a mock bow before leaving me to myself.

I raise a brow at him, taken aback at his sudden mood-change. "You fool." I mutter under my breath.

"Do you often go around calling your friends fools behind their backs?" a light voice question as Legolas sits down at Aragorn's previous seat before it has even cooled. If it weren't for me feeling so at ease, I would have jumped at his sudden appearance. Did Aragorn know he was coming?

"Sometimes. Especially such a royal fool as Aragorn." I state, drawing my legs to my chest and hugging my knees.

"What has he done to ensure your wrath?" he asks, making me shrug. I cannot discuss such matters with anyone else; I would not do that to Aragorn, despite my agitation with him.

"Well, have we not all acted foolishly once?" Legolas defends, not going into the core of the subject further. His question makes me think.

"Have you acted foolishly before?" I ask, genuinely curious.

Legolas breaks a smile. "I'm surprised you hadn't noticed. You were with me almost the entire time." he hints back to our previous adventure.

The memory nearly makes me snort, remembering how much he changed during such a short time and how bravely he fought, despite his father's wishes. It was a selfless act I can only admire. "That wasn't foolish. Not to me anyway." I say softly.

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