Book 2: chapter 31

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The remaining Ringwraiths have taken to the air again. I see them approaching the fight below on their steeds, ready to terrorize my friends. "Those vile beasts." I hiss. The memory of my last encounter with them stands fresh in my memory.

Gwaihir casts his eyes back to me as I fidget restlessly.

"Let us free the world of their terror! May their haunting shrieks never echo across the plains again, sending fear through every living creature and filling the nightmares of children! Never again!" I call out to my companions, only to receive angry and determined cries in return.

Gwaihir and the others fold their wings for a quick descend and swoop in before any of those Ringwraiths can as much touch one of Middle-Earth's children. Soon the air is filled with shrieks and snarls. They are no match as we outdo them in speed, strength and durability. One after the other falls.

I swipe my blade within the fray and hardly look back as a Ringwraith is beheaded as a result, its body collapsing in on itself. Leaving the safety of the eagle's back, I jump off to face the next one. I am careful not to be caught off guard again.

We are just finishing with a cleansing of the air when a terribly shriek pierces the air. My head whip towards the source, my eyes searching the barren lands beyond the walls. The only things to stand out are Mount Doom and the black tower, upon it is the terrible eye of Sauron, burning from eternal flames...but something seems amiss.

It writhes as if in pain, before shrinking slightly. It is then that its pillar starts to crack and crumble. I watch in amazement as the tower collapses, at a complete loss for words. Suddenly, the eye seems to implode on itself before sending out a tremendous shock wave.

I tumble in the air a little as I get caught up in it, but manage to stay in flight. The dust spreads in a large cloud, but despite the chaos, amazement grips my heart. I can only come to one conclusion.

Turning my gaze towards the mountain, I know that Frodo and hopefully Sam as well, are there somewhere. And they did it...they destroyed the One Ring.

The earth crumbles like the tower, taking orc, trolls and goblins to its depths. Meanwhile, the Rohirrim and my friends are left unharmed. It's as if the land has been rotting as evil walked upon it and is finally breathing a sigh of relief before letting go of it all.

I look down at the people below me and see Gandalf sticking out like a sore thumb in his white robes. He glances up at me and I swear I can see his eyes water. I smile down at the wizard, and he laughs, full of delight. Cheers fill the air. Victory is ours.

A sudden explosion makes me jerk in surprise and as I look up, I'm faced with a sight that makes dread fill my heart. "Noooo!!" I scream in horror as Mount Doom unleashes its fury. An eruption sends lava, rock and smoke high into the air. I know that anyone in or on it has not stood a chance. "Frodo. Sam." I whisper, my lips trembling.

I sink to the ground, feeling weak. We are at our most powerful moment, and I feel weak. I can't bear to look at anyone's faces. I can guess what they express. I hear the hobbits crying over the violence of the mountain.

"Let's find them." a soft voice utters next to me, making me glance up to find Gandalf. A tear rolls down his aged cheek.

"But Gandalf..." I utter in whisper. 'There might be nothing left to find.' I tell him through my eyes, making him suck in a breath through his teeth as he squeezes his eyes together as if in pain.

After taking a deep, breath, he opens his eyes again. "Let's find them." he repeats.

I blink up at him for a moment before nodding slowly. "Alright." I say before taking off again, knowing Gandalf will be close behind with the help of Gwaihir.

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