Book 2: chapter 5

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As I roam the halls of the Last Homely Home, I am startled as a familiar face suddenly appears next to me, the person falling into stride with me. "By the Valar, Legolas, your steps grow more quiet with each passing day." I say, putting a hand to my fast beating heart.

"I will take that as a compliment." he retorts smiling. "Where are you heading, or are you just enjoying the scenery?" he asks.

I smile in return before stopping. "Actually, it's good that I found you...or you me, for I have something to return to you." I say making his brow rise in curiosity. "Please come with me." I say leading him to my room.

I just waltz inside while he hesitates at the door. After a moment I realize he hasn't followed me in. "What wrong? Afraid I'll trap you and bite your head off?" I joke.

He chuckles. "You just might. But it would be rude of me to just step into a lady's chamber." he explains making me roll my eyes.

"Oh please." I grunt, motioning for him to get in and he finally does so.

I kneel down at a chest and lift the heavy lid before taking out a wrapped item. Turning to Legolas I hold it out to him to take. He does so and pulls aside the cloth to see a familiar bow.

He looks at it smiling. "You have taken good care of it." he states.

"And now is my time to return it." I say making him look up confused.

"You don't want it any more?" he questions.

The question makes me stumble for a moment. "It...was a loan, was it not?"

Legolas chuckles, wrapping the bow back up again. "Don't be silly. It was yours to have all along. I don't know how you got the idea of it being a loan." he says, nearly pushing it back in my arms.

"Oh, I was mistaken then. Thank you." I say a bit baffled.

"You don't have to thank me, you already did once before." Legolas says smiling before his eyes wander to a long sheet with hilt sticking out of it. The object is placed on the bed with gentle care.

"A new sword?" Legolas wonders, walking up to it. His fingers seem to itch to reach out at the red lacquered shaft, making me suppress a smile.

"Go ahead." I urge and watch him pick it up with great care. As he goes to grasp the hilt I warn him; "Careful. It's quite sharp."

Slowly pulling it out, a sharp and smooth steel blade is revealed. "I've never seen anything like it." Legolas gasps in childlike wonder as he beholds the curved blade with only one sharp edge. His reflection can be seen in it without a flaw.

"I've forged it myself." I state, making him look up surprised. "It's quite easy to handle after a while. It's more convenient for sword fighting in both the air and on the ground if I might say so. Much less risk involved if handled correctly." I explain.

"A great feat of skill. You are full of surprises." Legolas says, admiring the sword, not noticing my blush. "Have you named it?" he asks.

"No, not yet. It hasn't been used in battle yet."

"I'm sure it will cleave many goblin heads soon." he says in expectation.

"Not cleave, decapitation is more suited for a sword like this." I tell him as he sheets it.

"I look forward to see it in action." Legolas says smiling as he puts it down carefully.

"I'm quite relieved, you know." Legolas suddenly starts after a moment of silence, making for the window. "No doubt that this adventure will take the concept of danger to a whole new level, because who in their right mind would ever march to Mordor....? But at least I will be among friends." he says.

I look at him, his positive and realistic attitude refreshing, I notice he has changed some since our last adventure. "You are afraid?" I question making him look at me.

"I am. There are many what if's rising to my mind and there is so much at stake. Only fools are fearless and from fear come brave men...and women of course." I smile at that. I suppose that makes sense.

Turning to look out the window, I see the sun ready to depart the valley; casting long shadows inside it and making the brown leaves appear golden. "I believe I'm a little mad." I start.

"I thought we already settled that long ago, but how so?" he wonders making me chuckle.

"I'm actually quite excited. It's been a while since my last great adventure.... I just hope nothing will make me want to eat my words."

"Only time will tell." he says lightly. "It will definitely be a challenge."

"Especially for Frodo." I say after a moment. "The poor hobbit has a heavy burden to bare. He might prove to be the strongest of us all if he manages to see this through to the end."

Legolas nods. "It could very well be so. But we will all have a long way to go and our limits will be put to the test before this journey is over, of that I'm sure."

The next day I stand at our gathering spot in waiting. My eyes roam the sun-kissed valley of Imladris in the crisp morning of our departure in an attempt to burn the sight into my memories, stored for hard times to come. Perhaps it will lift my spirits when I'm down.

"Are you ready Therith?" Arwen's soft voice sounds behind me making me turn around to her fair face.

"Almost." I say taking a last glance as the company gathers round. "I wish I could take the smell of this place with me somehow." I mutter disappointed. Arwen smiles at that.

"I don't have anything against her, it's just that I'm used to letting the women stay at home for their protection." a hushed voice sounds across the other end of our assembly area.

I glance at Arwen who shakes her head disappointed. I know it would be a matter of time before someone brought up my gender and question me because of it.

"Don't let Therith hear you saying that, Boromir." comes Aragorn's amused voice followed by Legolas' annoyed one.

"She is the last person you should worry about. She's a more skilled warrior than most men." he defends without hesitation. I'm thankful for it and glad to know that there are people in this company that have trust in me.

"He speaks very highly of you all the time. You're in very good graces with the Prince of the Woodland realm." Arwen whispers with a bright smile on her face.

I glance at Legolas who is checking his belongings with a concentrated look on his face. "Good to know that he isn't always trying to pull my leg." I mumble, watching his lips twitch upwards.

"Are you all set?" Aragorn asks, approaching us.

Looking around I see a company of elves gather to see us off. "I am." I answer, seeing him nod and turn around without saying so much as a word to Arwen.

I glance between the two of them, seeing both looking downcast. I don't know what happened between the two of them, but I'll be sure to drag the cause out of Aragorn once I have the chance. I would have never imagined them parting like this.

Giving my friend one last embrace, I walk up to join the fellowship plus one pony and face Lord Elrond and the others as butterflies fill my stomach.

"Peril lies ahead of this company and they will be subjected to harsh times." Lord Elrond starts solemnly. "May they stay true to each other and find strength in this company and hope will remain."

Lifting up his hand in farewell, others follow his example. "May the Valar be with you my friends. Na lû e-govaned vîn (Until we next meet)." We bow in return before turning our backs to the Last homely home and face our long journey ahead.

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