Book 2: chapter 1

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"I would love to end my story with something like: And he lived happily ever after, till the end of his days." the elderly hobbit speaks excitedly as he holds onto the thick book for dear life, a large brown feather quill held in between his fingers.

I smile at that. "A fine ending indeed my friend." I tell him, sighing at the peaceful sounds and pleasant sights around us.

I could never tire of the welcoming valley of Imladris. We have been here for some time now. I came across Bilbo on his way back from Erebor, his last grand journey. He had aged much since the last time I saw him, but still seemed vigorous and has more lust for stories than ever. I could not refuse when he asked me to join him to the last homely home, for he holds pleasant memories here and so do I.

It has been a long time since I last set foot here though, having resided in the mountains for many decades, the eagles' den having been my home for all that time.

My body recovered swiftly after the Battle of the five armies, but my mind took its due time. The only way I found myself able to push forward again; is when I decided to live my life serving others.

Only in focusing on helping others I could forget my loneliness just a bit. Knowledge of being the last of my kind has indeed been a hard blow, and even more so since I partially brought this fate upon myself. I hold no regrets though, as it was Orun or I. I did what I had to do, even though I never quite grasped his reasoning.

The sound of several footsteps brings me back to the present and I look up to see blonde and brown curly heads bounding up the steps towards our direction. "Mister Bilbo, lady Therith!" calls the brunette happily before coming to a stop before us, panting heavily.

"Goodness, what is the rush you two?" Bilbo scolds as I chuckle at the two hobbits. They must be the jolliest hobbits in the shire. I met them a few days before, arriving at Imladris with Strider, or Aragorn as I call him by his proper name. With them was a third hobbit called Sam, but I hardly see him, as he will not leave the side of the one whom they followed here.

Before these hobbits arrived, another was brought here, in a terrible condition as he had been stabbed by a black sword. His life was nearly at an end, but with a feat of great skill, Lord Elrond managed to save his young life. He has been recovering ever since.

"What is the matter master Pippin? Why so excited?" I ask him curiously, almost laughing as he bounds on his feet.

"It's Frodo, he finally woke up!" he exclaims happily.

I smile as I hear Bilbo sigh in relief next to me. "I'm glad the lad has finally awoken. There will be a celebration on his and your behalf soon, I'm sure, but may he rest for now, as your journey was one of weariness and dangers." he says

"A feast? Really?" asks Merry in wonder.

"With song and dance?" Pippin questions.

"And don't forget the great food!" Merry exclaims making us chuckle.

"I am sure it will have all of that." I assure them, making them beam in delight.

"Will you not come see him mister Bilbo?" Merry asks, referring back to Frodo, but the old hobbit shakes his head.

"Oh no, lad. Not yet I will. What is a party without surprises?" he hints. "Unless he already knows I'm here, then it would not be much of a surprise." he continues thoughtfully.

"I don't think he does." Pippin tells him.

"In that case, let's keep it that way for a while longer." Bilbo suggests, winking.

"Alright. We will keep it a secret." Pippin states before glancing to me. "It would be all right if miss Therith went and met him, wouldn't it?" he asks.

I smile at him as I say; "As much as I would love to meet your friend, I don't think it wise to do so yet. He has just awoken; so let him rest at least a day. I promise to visit soon." I tell him.

I stand up and straighten my dress. "If you fine gentlemen will excuse me, I shall go find that old wizard that is lurking about. There is something I must speak to him about." I tell them before leaving them to themselves.

I come across Gandalf as he departs from the medical quarters. "Ah, Therith! There you are." he sighs.

"Gandalf, you look more worried than usual. The hobbit has awoken I heard, should you not be happy?" I wonder.

"Oh, I am glad, that is for certain, but now it is only really beginning." he states mysteriously.

"What will happen?" I ask, already knowing what the hobbit carried with him when he came here and the danger it holds.

"Well, there are representatives from different realms on their way here. We will hold council as this matter concerns all and hopefully we will reach a solution on what to do next."

"Shall I be present on said council?" I ask him as we walk through the halls.

"Of course!" he states. "I would not dive head first into dangers without you if I can help it, knowing how much you like to stick your nose in any danger that comes by you." he chuckles.

"Anyway, the council will not be held until Frodo is well enough, so until then, enjoy yourself as much as you can. With this gathering darkness, the fun may soon be over with." he says ominously making me frown.

Suddenly he smiles. "Oh that's right. A delegation has already arrived and has been asking about you. Why do you not hurry to the great hall and greet them?" he chuckles making me wonder whom he might be speaking off. "Hurry up now, don't leave that grumpard waiting." he urges, leaving me on my own.

Curious, I make my way to the great hall and opening the door I soon discover the person who Gandalf was speaking off. A smile lights my face as I step forward. "Gloin, it that truly you?" I ask in wonder, making a white bearded dwarf look up in surprise.

"Oh, lady Therith! How wonderful to see your face again. What a delight!" he states, getting up. His words make me blush a little in embarrassment but I step up to him, embracing him.

"How have you been my friend?" I ask.

"Getting older as you can see. But I suppose that is a good thing." he says. "Though I'm quite jealous. If I didn't know any better, I would say you hadn't aged even a year lass." he says making me chuckle.

"Trust me when I say I have."

Gloin smiles before turning to his company, motioning one of the other dwarves over. It is a stout looking dwarf with a reddish-brown beard like Gloin used to have. "This is my lad Gimli." he introduces.

I bow in greeting. "Pleasure to meet you Gimli." I say as he smiles kindly. "Likewise miss. My father spoke many kind words of you when I was younger. I am glad to finally meet you in person."

"Come, come." urges Gloin. "Join us for drink and food. Let us do some catching up." he says leading me towards a table. There I stayed until deep into the night, bringing up pleasant memories and sharing newer ones.

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