Book 2: chapter 2

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The next morning a man by the name of Boromir arrived and was greeted by Lord Elrond. I spoke to him shortly and learned he hailed from Gondor or more specifically, Minas Thirith.

He appeared to me like a good man, though much worried for his people as the land lies close to the borders of the enemy. I can only imagine the dangers the country of Gondor faces.

A great deal of people seem worried about the spreading darkness, so is Arwen, my long time friend, though she does not voice it as she sits next to me that evening, gazing at the stars that autumn brings us.

The nights grow colder as the winds shift, coming from the looming Misty Mountains. Their silhouette is just visible from the valley and I wonder if they will all be snow capped this coming winter. It is not usual as they stand far south, but this winter seems to be different than others.

"You feel it too? Do you not?" Arwen asks, breaking the long silence.

"Yes. Something is about to happen, though I cannot phantom what it is." I tell her.

"Adar spoke of leaving for the Gray Havens before." she tells me making me look at her surprised.

"I suppose that means that your father foresees little good in the future." I say lowly.

I sigh deeply before looking up at the sky. "I will not give up hope just yet. There is a way in pushing back and containing this evil, perhaps destroy it altogether. I will try everything that is in my power and will only give up once my body is cold and stiff." I tell her, making her look at me wide eyed.

"I do not know whether to smile or to cry at your words. The thought of you passing is hard to bare." she says, taking hold of my hand as if reassuring that I'm still safely sitting next to her.

"Do not fret my friend. I have no intentions on going anywhere soon. Not as long as my dream for a new peace remains unfulfilled." I assure her.

Finally she smiles. "Your words give me hope Therith. Perhaps my father spoke too soon." she says before whipping her head around as a sound reaches our ears.

I glance over my shoulder to see Aragorn standing in the shadows patiently. He smiles, showing his white teeth. "I am sorry to disturb you two, but may I please borrow Arwen from you Therith?" he asks.

"If you must." I say, sighing dramatically.

He chuckles, knowing I mean nothing by it. I watch as Arwen stands and walks over to Aragorn, taking his arm before they quietly walk off. I smile at the sight of them, feeling such love between the two warms my heart.

Standing up from my spot, I make my way down. I suppose I should just go to sleep as there is little else to do at the moment and so I make my way over the pathways, passing sculptures and other ornaments visible in the pale moonlight.

Coming to a bridge overhanging a gentle flowing stream, I glance up long enough from my feet to behold something that makes me halt in my tracks from surprise. On the other end stands a familiar looking elf, his light hair gleaming in the moonlight and his eyes glittering merrily.

Finally stepping forward, he meets me halfway. "Cormamin lindua ele lle." (My heart sings to see thee) he greets taking my hand and bowing to place a light kiss on it.

"Nae saian luume'." (It has been too long) I reply, smiling widely as I courtesy. I have been practicing my elvish.

"Vanimle sila tiri, as it did before." (Your beauty shines bright), he compliments making me blush.

"Please Legolas." I scold half-halfheartedly, not used to such attention.

"I'm sorry Therith, I do not mean to embarrass you, but I merely speak the truth." he says, leaving me without response, so instead I choose to change the subject.

"I had not heard of your arrival." I state making him chuckle.

"I suppose nobody had the chance to inform you. I just arrived and as soon as I heard you were here as well, I could not wait a moment longer to meet up with you." he says making me blush again. I really should stop doing that, but Legolas is ever the smooth talker.

"I am glad to see you as well. It has been longer than proper, especially after promising you that I would visit. I am ashamed at meeting you before I upheld my promise." I tell him.

He shakes his head. "It cannot be helped. I suppose you come when you come and go when you go. After last time, I understand that Mirkwood hasn't been on the top of your priority list. That makes me wonder though, how have you been faring?" he asks a little careful.

Remembering my state the last time we saw each other, I suppose I can't blame him. "I am...better." I say, but he doesn't seem fully convinced from the look on his face. "I decided to take life as it is and devote myself to those that require my need. It is not much, but it makes me feel useful." I tell him.

He nods, seeming to understand, even though he still seems full of questions. Luckily he leaves it be for now.

"What brings you here?" I ask, again changing the subject.

His face grows serious at the question. "I'm afraid I failed at a task appointed to us. I came here to inform Lord Elrond and Aragorn of that, but they asked me to say no more until the council. You will learn of it soon enough. I suppose you will be present?" he questions. I nod at that.

As time passes, we start speaking of random subjects, some graver than others, but it keeps us speaking throughout most of the night, reminding me much of that night by the campfire. Only when the first signs of sunlight shows itself, we decide to end our conversation and retreat to our rooms for a few hours of rest.

Therith has finally met up with Legolas again after many years. And it appears both are quite happy to see each other.

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