Book 2: chapter 27

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That night it's quite clear, but despite that, still very dark. The moon leaves us little light and the stars just seem to miss their sparkle.

Looking around, I see several fires burning high. Clustered around them are the men, sharing supper and drink quietly.

I look up when Merry darts from Éowyn her tent, clad in armor, suited just for him. Only his helmet seems a tad bit large. He flashes a smile as he runs passed and towards the smithy, no doubt to sharpen his sword. I could hear them speaking from my position against the rock wall, above the camp. I can't help but chuckle. His eagerness doesn't relent.

"You should not encourage him." Éomer speaks up from his place by the fire, addressing his niece as she stands watching after the hobbit.

"And you should not doubt him." she counters, her features turning hard.

"I do not doubt his heart ... Only the reach of his arm." he says, making his companions laugh.

"Why should Merry be left behind? He has as much cause to go to war as you. Why can he not fight for those he loves?" Éowyn says passionately. I can tell she does not only speak of Merry on that matter.

Frustrated, Éomer rises to his feet. "You know as little of war as that hobbit. When the fear takes him, and the blood and the screams and the horror of battle takes hold." he sums up in a sneer. "Do you think he would stand and fight?" Éowyn swallows hard at his words.

"He would flee and he would be right to do so." He takes her by the shoulder, giving her a knowing look. He knows how much she wishes to fight. "War is the profess of men, Éowyn." he finishes, turning away.

I jump down from my perch, startling them. "Luckily we know that not to be entirely true." I state haughtily, giving him a look, daring him to say otherwise in my presence.

"You hardly make for a fair argument. You're not even human." he states, turning away and joining his peers by the fire. I roll my eyes before giving Éowyn a knowing smile. She returns it before returning to her tent.

I go for the next fire over, greeting Legolas and Gimli. "Thank you." I say as Legolas hands me some soup. I quickly swallow it down before looking over to the edge of camp with a light smile. "A visitor is on their way." I state, making them look at me curiously.

"There is a horse approaching, but are you sure it's not one of the Rohirrim?" Legolas questions.

"It's not. I am sure of it." I say, putting down the bowl. "If you will excuse me, it will be rude if no one were to greet them." I tell them before just about skipping off.

I stop in my tracks at the end of the long stairway up the mountain. "Halt! Who goes there?!" I call out with a hint of humor, making the approaching figure stop once they've reached me.

A chuckle resounds from underneath the hood hiding their face. "It is a pleasure to see you as well, Therith, cloud-dweller." they say before raising their hands to remove the hood, revealing the familiar face of none other than Lord Elrond. He quickly hides his face again though.

I bow before him, smiling. "My Lord. Welcome to our humble abode. What brings you so far from home, if may ask." I question as he dismounts. I quickly take the reigns of his horse.

"You may. I have to speak to Aragorn urgently. I ask of you to find him for me if you will." he request.

"Of course." I state, curious on what he wishes to discuss.

Leading him to King Théoden's tent, I make sure his horse is taken care of, before rushing off to find Aragorn. I find him in his tent, asleep, though quite restless. I put my hand on his shoulder, giving him a light shake, stirring him from his nightmares.

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