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"Mummy! Whats happening!?" Louis yelled, he had woke up overly hot and his lower regions were extremely sore. He felt like he had wet the bed as well.

Joy, Louis' mother, rushed into the room, and gave a sad smile at the sight of her son. "You're presenting dear"

Louis' eyes widened and showed sheer panic. "No! No! Mummy I'm only fourteen! I don't want to leave you"

Joy kept the sad smile on her face, she knew it was true, she made her way over to her panicking son and gave him a kiss on his forehead "And you wont, now, take care of yourself"

"I don't know how mummy!" Louis cried out as his mother began to retreat from his room.

"You'll figure it out dear, its an instinct" Joy said before shutting the door. It was going to be a long three days, a very sad week. It was an awkward and short encounter, but its what happens to every family, the mothers job when their child presents as an Omega is just to tell them to take care, and to make sure they eat and stay hydrated. Not much else can be done, a heat has to run it course, the only way an Omega doesn't have one every month is suppressants or pregnancy.

Neither of which Louis can have right now, hes too young to have the same dosage of suppressants as his mother, another whole bottle of suppressants would cost too much. Obviously Louis shouldn't get pregnant at such a young age, even if he would be fine during it, he doesn't need that.


^this chapter is shit lol
Word count: 278

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