Chapter 19: New video! (Colby's POV)

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It's now been a week since the Brennen and the Sam incident and everything seems fine the house is back to normal, Elton, Corey, Aaron and Devyn have no idea on what actually happened and all of Sam's injuries have cleared up. Well I say everything seems fine but I know for a fact that Esme isn't fine, she thinks she can trick everyone but I notice every little detail about her the way she'll slightly frown quickly after she fake smiled or the way that she can zone out and stare at nothing while in a crowded busy room. She's not fine and I'm doing everything I can to help her but I don't know how! I still want to give her the space she wants but I don't want her to think I don't like her. I just hope with every passing day she feels better and better until one day in the future the memory of Brennen will become nothing but a faint memory. 

I'm sitting at my desk in my room with Sam on my bed we're writing down some video ideas for our 'Sam And Colby' channel. So far we have: Explore Griffith Park at night,  which is where Doña Petrenilla also known as the lady in the white dress cursed the land, we also have a nights stay in Cecil hotel, where there was murders in the '20s and '30s, suicides out of upper-floor windows in the '60s and the residence of serial killers Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger and the infamous naked body of tourist Elisa Lam found in a rooftop water tank. or finally we can explore the abandoned Griffith Park Zoo. 

Sam and I want to do all of the ideas but we're unsure on what one to film tomorrow. 

"Why don't we do overnight at the Griffith Park Zoo? Then we can invite everyone from the house and that way if Elton wants to he can post it on TFIL?" Sam suggested, which isn't a bad idea as it would also get Esme out of the house and distract her for a little bit. 

"Yeah we'll ask everyone later, thats actually a pretty good idea! what will the title be?" I asked Sam raising an eyebrow. 

"Well at the moment I'm thinking 'Overnight Where?!? Ft. Elton, Corey, Aaron and Esme' but that could change depending on who comes and what happens while we're there as we might be able to get a better title," Sam suggested which once again is a really good idea. 

"Anyways enough Sam And Colby bull crap, what's going on with you and Esme?" Sam smirked. 

"Ughhhh I don't know man, she's just beautiful, I knew I liked her from the day Aaron bought her home, She's sweet, caring, kind, loving, passionate and strong. I never knew I could like someone as much as I like her and it's killing me to see her so hurt at the moment I just want to fix all of her problems she doesn't deserve to be hurt she's never hurt a living thing her whole life." I rambled on sounding like a 5th grader girl talking about her crush at a sleepover. Sam just smiled the biggest smile I've ever seen. 

"What?" I said lightly punching his shoulder playing around. 

"You sounded like me when I first met Kat dude, don't let Esme go," He smiled leaving the room.

I laid on my bed for what felt like forever thinking about what Sam just said and Esme I've only known her for around a month and she has already made such a large impact on my life I can't believe it but I think if things keep going the way the do I might fall in love and Esme truely is the most amazing girl too fall in love with. 


It's now 11pm and everyone is down stairs so Sam and I ask who wants to film with us tomorrow.

"Yeah sounds fun, I'll come," Esme smiled, Yes Esme wants to come this is great she'll have so much fun I can't wait for her to forget about life even if it just is for a little while. 

"Yeah that will be cool, I can film for TFIL and post that video before I start posting the Japan videos," Yes Elton is down as well, I'm honestly not too sure if Aaron or Corey will want to come because they've been doing some late night work out thing lately. 

"Yeah nah Bro's I can't make it, the work out thing" Aaron said and Corey also agreed he couldn't come. Sam and I said it was fine and we thought they couldn't come anyways.

"What time will we be leaving?" Esme asked Sam responded telling her we will leave at around 5pm and grab some dinner and snacks on the way there, everyone nodded and went upstairs to bed. 

I can't wait for tomorrow it's going to be amazing. 


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