Chapter 23: Meeting Maya

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Two days ago Colby asked me to be his and we've been inseparable since, he just understands me and what I've been through. Today's going to be a little different though Colby's out all day filming and I'm finally meeting Maya the girl who Dm'ed me on Instagram. I'm meeting her at coffee shop about 5 minutes down the road, she seems so sweet and honestly I'm just excited to finally make another female friend in LA. 

To meet Maya I decided to wear my camo X P L R merch jumper and some black ripped skinny jeans. Once getting dressed I head over to my dresser and tie my hair in a high 'messy' ponytail and then I quickly applied I light layer of mascara and filled in my eyebrows. 

I looked down at my phone to notice I had a message from Colby.

Boy😍: I hope you have a good day today, I can't wait for you to tell me all about it tonight! xx

Omg he's so sweet, I'm so happy he is mine, I smile to myself as I type a reply.

To Boy😍: I hope you have a good day too! maybe we can talk about it during a mega Netflix marathon tonight? xx

I then turn off my phone to head downstairs to say bye to everyone before heading off. while I was looking for Aaron I ran into someone I hoped to never see again. this had to be a dream right? whats he doing here. I inhaled a sharp breath and continued through the kitchen.

"sup babe," I rolled my eyes a turned around facing him.

"What do you want Brennan?" My words spat out in hate and disgust I cannot believe he is back. I stared directly into his eyes as he licked his lips and approached me. This was not about to happen again. As quickly as I could I grabbed my keys and ran straight to the front door closing it behind me. Without even thinking about it I ran straight to my car and locking it once I was inside. so caught up in my own head I hadn't noticed Brennan heading towards the car. As soon as I noticed I put the keys in the ignition and drove off down the street. Tears rolled down my cheeks as my eyes remained glued to the road. I couldn't meet Maya like this. Im a complete mess. I pulled over into the closest petrol station and parked there. 

To Maya🌻: Hey Darl, sorry I can't meet with you today something came up last minute, maybe you can hang at mine tonight when I get back xx

Almost instantly I received a response.

Maya🌻: Hey love thats fine, text me the deets later and we'll catch up xx

I let out a huge breath I wasn't aware I was holding, thank god she doesn't hate me. well at least I hope she doesn't. 

For the next hour I remained silently crying in the car staring at the busy road ahead of me with a million thoughts in my head.

 I can't believe he's there. 

What if I go home and its just me and him?

I can't tell Colby this, it'll just upset him.

After a while I looked down at my phone 6:03pm, wow I've been here a while. I should head home.

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