Chapter twelve: Arlo

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The prank was a complete success and the video was one of Colby's most successful videos he's released so far, I'm really proud of him he's really making himself known to the internet world.

Today Aaron had the idea to go to an amusement park, just the two of us as we haven't hung out much since I moved here. We were leaving at 6:00pm and it's only 12:00pm just gone. So we were just lounging around on the Sofia in his room.

By they way it smelt HORRIBLE. The silly string soaked into everything and the smell just won't go, Colby has been really kind and today when we're out he's giving Aaron's carpet and Sofia a deep conditioning by a professional which should hopefully get rid of the smell.

I was intensely watching frozen on the TV cuddled into Aaron with my head rested on his chest listening to the way his heart beats as he gently played with my hair. He really is my best friend and I don't know where I would be without him.

"May?" He gently whispered quietly getting my attention. I hummed in response letting him know I was listening.

"I have a surprise," When those four words left his mouth my face instantly lit up with joy and excitement, "But it means we can't go to the amusement park tonight" he slightly frowned unsure on how I may react.

"Donut, its fine we can go next weekend," I gently smiling taking his two hands into mine.

"Well we pick up the surprise in 30 minutes so you need to go get ready!" He exclaimed making me smirk at his comment 'surprise'.

Without answering I quickly jumped up running to my room to go get ready. I had already showered today so all I needed to do was change into some clean clothes and style my hair.

After looking blankly at my wardrobe for what felt like forever I finally decided on an outfit. It consisted of my black Panic! At The Disco merch top from the concert I previously went to earlier this year. And my black ripped skinny jeans and my brown timberlands I then completed the look with a thick black chocker. For my hair I decided to style it as a high messy bun on the top of my head leaving some hair pulled out in front of my ears.

For my makeup I kept it simple and just winged my eyes, put concealer on any blemishes and the bags under my eyes and then dusted my face off with powder.


"Aaronnnnn where are we goingggg?" I whined in his ear as he kept his eyes glued to the road desperately trying to drown out my constant whining.

"You'll have to wait and see!" He snapped a little to aggressively shutting me up instantly. I turned over facing the window his yelling really got to me and I don't know why, maybe it's because I haven't been spoken to like that since Mason.

The tension in the car was growing it was beginning to get really awkward but being the stubborn person I am I won't dare speak first.

"Look, Esme...." he began in a slight mumble as if he didn't know how to address me, "I'm sorry I really shouldn't have snapped at you like that, I had no reason to" he perked up quickly glancing at me before gluing his eyes back to the road.

"It's okay, I think the only reason I am so shaken is because of you're the first person that has spoken to me like that since Mason..." I mumbled as I reached the end, Aaron didn't reply he just looked at me sympathetically before jumping out of the car which I didn't realise had parked.


"OH. MY. GOD." I squealed Aaron had taken me to a shelter and is offering to adopt a puppy for me, this truly is the greatest surprise ever!!!

I laid on the floor covered in puppy's patting them and rolling around excitedly like a pig in mud, Aaron just stood back smiling shaking his head at me. "So have you decided yet?" he questioned raising an eyebrow. Truth is I told him when we got here it would take me a while to decided but the second I walked in I had my eye on one pup, I just wanted to play with the others for a while.

I quickly stood up dusting myself and all the puppy hair. I rush over to the corner where the little pup was curled up taking a nap. I gently picked him up, he was gorgeous. He was a tan red nose American pitball with blue eyes, I adored him.

"So what's his name?" Aaron came over gently patting the little guy.

"Arlo." I stated smiling at the little bundle of joy I was holding, Aaron gave me a questioning look so I decided to explain myself in one word. "Disney!" I exclaimed in which Aaron quickly caught on.

"Oh my god Ez, you named you're puppy after The Good Dinosaur!" I chuckled coming from behind me wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Yes! whats the problem with the good dinosaur?" I questioned raising an eyebrow.

"Um uhh nothing it's a great name!" He smiled resulting in me kissing his cheek and Arlo licking his face.





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