Chapter nine: you and I

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"Esme, wake up" Colby gently whispered in my ear, while he was ever so softly playing with my hair. Sudden memories from last night came back to me and I instantly jumped up to look for my phone.

"Colby....." I paused, rethinking my next decision, "Delete it..."  I looked at him with pleading eyes as I handed him my phone with twitter already open, they can't effect me anymore not if I can't see it. 

"Baby, are you sure?" his voice was low and husky, he still had his morning voice and god it was such a turn on. I shook my head up and down rapidly answering his question. I wasn't going to continue being effected by these haters. Colby and I aren't together, we've shared one kiss. One god damn kiss and all of a sudden the media suggest we are together. 

Once he put my phone down I sat up besides him, looking him straight in his gorgeous blue eyes before wrapping my arms around his torso engulfing him in a bear hug.  "Thank you....." I paused as he rubbed circles on my back soothing me. "Thank you for everything, even if I'm getting all this hate I would never take back a moment I've ever shared with you." I sobbed into his bare chest. 

"Even the kiss?" His voice shook as if he was unsure on how I would react to the question, I just looked at him in complete awe before gently placing my lips on his letting them linger for a little bit before pulling away, "Even the kiss," I smiled standing back up. His cheeks became a light shade of pink as I continued to exit the room without another word. 


It's currently 1:27pm and I'm bored out of my brain Colby and I have been sitting around all day in our Pj's watching Disney and eating a load of pizza that we got delivered to the house. 

"Babe, can we go on an adventure? Maybe?" I looked at him with pleading eyes pouting my lips as I did so.

 "Sure Baby what do you want to do?" He smiled making my heart beat like crazy, I'm new to these nicknames and I honestly love it, Colby is the most caring sweetest guy I've ever met!!! 

"Well I was thinking...." I wondered off topic thinking about it for a second before continuing my sentence, "Maybe we could go on a hike, or go to the beach before getting some ice cream and then pull a prank on the house?" I half smiled and half devilishly grinned at the thought of doing my first ever prank on the guys. 

"That sounds like a very productive rest of our day, should we plan the prank first so while we're out we can buy what we need?" He stared into my eyes before placing a peck on my lips resting his forehead on mine. 


We have now planned our prank and are headed off to get ice cream, we decided to go on a hike tomorrow instead as it would take to long and we wouldn't be able to pull off the prank. 

"Hi, Cheryls ice cream parlour here to cater all your sweet frozen needs, what may I get you today?" A un-energectic teen said completely monotone. It's not really what you'd expect from an ice cream parlour. 

"Hi I'll take a double scoop of chocolate and a......." Colby paused looking in my direction waiting for me to make up my mind. 

"Double scoop, one scoop rocky road and the other cookies and cream, thank you" I half smiled at the worker as she glared at me. 

"That'll be $10.95," Colby went to hand her the money but I quickly slapped his hand before handing the girl a twenty, "Keep the change," I smiled once again as she handed me and Colby our ice creams. 

We slowly walked down the path while enjoying our delicious ice creams just talking about anything that came up. We had to stop a few times for fans to take photos with Colby but I didn't mind, I was just grateful none of them gave me a hard time. 

This boy is perfect....






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