Chapter 21: IT'S REAL

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It just turned 5:00pm and everyone who was coming headed out to the car. I quickly grabbed my phone and water bottle before joining everyone else. 

Elton and Sam sat in the front with Elton driving and Colby and I sat in the back covered in blankets and bags of food. The music was loud and the videos were all down with the warm summers breeze hitting us. I could tell this was going to be an amazing night. 


"WHAT'S UP GUYS," Colby yell's

"It's Sam and Colby here, and today we're joined with...." Sam pauses waiting for Elton and I to jump in.

"Uncleeeee Elton," Elton grins. 

"And me I guess, what up," I make some weird awkward hand gesture.

"Ezy the Ez to the mayyyyy," Colby said making us all laugh. "And might I just say before we get on with the video X P L R merch is 20% off" Colby points at me and I do a little spin showing off the merch. 

"Niceeee," Sam pipes in, "Today, well tonight everybody we are going to be doing, YES, another overnight video in the one. and. only. abandoned Griffith Park Zoo!"

"Now, Now let me tell ya'll something," Colby says with his usual goofy expression and Elton grabs the camera off tripod and zooms in close to colby's face. "Griffith Park Zoo was abandoned in August 1966, due to Los Angles zoo, LA hecking zoo opening, so now it might not be haunted butttt..." Colby paused, "You knew we still bought the Ouiji board incase there are some mad animal ghost that want to get mad-d-d-ra at us?" He kind of questioned at the end. 

"What was that?" I laughed at Colby's mad-d-d-ra comment, shortly after everyone joined in laughing. 

"Okay now the Zoo is just a few blocks away so we'll see you guys when we're outside," Sam said putting his hand in front of the camera ready to transition into the next clip.  The boys pack up the stuff and we all start heading down to the Zoo.


We got to the zoo and Sam and Colby started up the camera again and began talking while we all scouted for an entrance point.

"Guys," I whispered, "Theres a hole in the fence over here," I pointed it out and began heading over to it, shortly after we were all in the Zoo looking around and having fun. 

The old zoo was huge and extremely ran down there was weeds and shrubs growing put of breaks in the cement and most enclosures were broken and crumbled. It was honestly kind of beautiful. The group set up all of our stuff in what we assume was an old snack bar. We set up here as it had the most shelter and seemed the most stable and unlikely to collapse on us. 

"Okay, it's now, uhhhh," Colby looked at his bare wrist, "Around 10:30pm and we have set up 'base' which basically has blankets and a few snacks and water bottles, we also have some penny boards and frisbees and footballs we can play around with to help the time pass by.


It was now around 6:30am everyone was back at 'base' sleeping and talking, but Colby and I decided to look around, the sun was just starting to rise and we found this cool little fenced off area that over looked the city, it was truly breath taking and reminded me of our first kiss at the abandoned mall. I was looking at the view when I felt Colby wrap his long arms around my waist and his head rest in the crook of my neck. We said like this for a little bit and looked at the sunrise together it was perfect. 

"Esme?" Colby turned me around so I was now looking into his beautiful blue eyes, 

"Will you be my girlfriend?" 






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