Chapter 17: Forgivness

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Not much happened after the whole Sam, Colby, Brennen ordeal last night. I slept in Colby's room he didn't want to ever leave my side again, he's blaming himself for what Brennen did and I'm trying to tell him it's fine but he's really taking it hard, I guess the both of us are, so we've really just been sitting in silence, each others presence is enough.

It's 10:00am and Colby is sound asleep snoring away, I decided to slip out of his arms and quietly head downstairs, Aaron and Corey don't actually know what happened they just thought Colby and Sam had some stupid fight and I don't really want everyone knowing so it's just Sam, Colby, mine and I guess Brennens little 'secret' as some would call it.

Sam and Kat were in the kitchen, Kat laughing away at something Sam said, I smiled and quietly giggled her laughter really was contagious. I went and put the kettle on to make Colby and I some coffee.

"Ez?" Sam said, I turned around and my heart just broke, Colby really did do a good job, well in the worst way possible.

"Sam!" I shrieked guilt filling my entire body, I hurried to his side, "I'm so so sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen!" Sam just smiled and hugged me letting me know it was okay and there were no hard feelings.

We were hugging for a long time and Kat clearly was getting uncomfortable and cleared her throat, "Oh shit sorry Kat, good morning," I smiled, "Coffee?" I quickly asked.

"Hey good morning and no thank you," she politely smiled.

All attention then darted towards the stairs as we heard loud thumps coming our way, "Esme!" Colby was calling with worry evident in his voice, "I'm in the kitchen," I quickly responded so he could calm down. He entered the kitchen picked me up swinging me around giving me the biggest hug I think humanly possible. He finally put me down and I handed him his coffee. God he looked so good, his hair was messy and rough and his eyes were so incredibly blue it was mesmerising if I'm honest. But besides all that he was in just grey sweatpants and boyyyyy is that a turn on.

I sat myself up on the counter and silently drank my coffee as I watched Kat head up to presumably Sams room. While I heard Sam and Colby talking, me being nosey I decided to listen in.

"Hey dude, I'm so so so so sorry I can't believe I let my anger get the best of me and did this to you, to my best friend, I hope you can forgive me" Colby half blurted out then slowing himself down towards the end.

Sam then responded and they talked for a little while longer, I assumed everything is now fine as the two briefly hugged before Sam headed up to Kat.




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