Chapter 22: mine

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I looked at him with such lust in my eyes, I couldn't believe this was happening to me. The Colby Brock has just asked me to be his girlfriend.

"Omg yes of course, yes!" I said before leaning in and kissing him, this was the most perfect moment of my life, I was truely happy, Colby truely made me so so happy. We break away from the kiss to see that Sam was there with his phone looking down and smiling.

"Aw guys this is cute," He smiles showing us his phone, It was a cute you could say 'tumblr' photo of Colby and I kissing just after Colby asked me to be his. I just blushed while Colby looked down at me and smiled.

"Not as cute as her," He sarcastically said, the two of us always make fun of those cringey type of couples whenever we're hanging out. It's kind of our thing, we promised whenever one of us would get in a relationship not to be the typical cringey relationship. But I honestly never expected us to be together, like yes we had something, a spark between us and 'pet' names but I thought Colby would find someone better and less damaged to be with. I'm so grateful for this boy to be in my life. 

"Oh no you're the cutest and we must tell everyone every twenty minutes on all of our social medias!" I quickly said back with equally as much sarcasm as Colby. I then got Sam to send me the photo and I instantly posted it to Instagram. 


@esme_xox:   The day he asked me to be his 🖤👤: Colby_Brock

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@esme_xox:   The day he asked me to be his 🖤
👤: Colby_Brock

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@ESBYLOVER: Yassssss finally!!! #esby4lyf

@hater666: you've got to be kidding me, he can do so much better.

@colby_Brock: finally offical 😍😁

@fangirl1: this makes me so happy!!!

@Mayasworld: omgggg I knew it!!! Yay!

@hater: you've got to be kidding me wtf😡

@fancolby: as long as Colby's happy :)))

@Aaron_doh: I MISSED THIS, OMG NOOOO EZ :((( But congrats xoxoxo


We then headed back to the others to wrap up the video and go home. Wow what an amazing night that was. 

The 14th of January 2017, Colby and I got together. (A/N Not the real date I know)



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