nine - a grand

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"And all of my kindness, is taken for weakness." -Rihanna, fourfiveseconds.

"Chase." Niall glares at him and I stare back at my palm.

"Just sayin'." I hear Chase say. My mind forces me to look up, telling me how they will think I'm weak. I switch my gaze and Harry's eyes are the first thing that connects with mine. He looks away instantly, the brunette girl getting closer to him; his hand sliding around her waist and I felt my heart getting pinned at the sight.

"Anyone wanna pool money in and make a grand for me?" Chase asks, taping his thumb across his phone screen.

"Why?" One boy spoke, who was quite the whole time. He runs a hand through his long, black looks.

"Drew's downstairs." I felt like an idiot for standing here.

Everyone refuses and I wasn't sure if they did not wanted to give him the amount or did not have it themselves.

"Come on. Anyone?" He throws his hands up in frustration and I look away after staring for so long. They all deny it again, some giggling at it.

"Jesus Christ, I'll give it back." He growls.

"I-i have some?" It was more a question than a statement, I was too timid to look at him.

"You carry a grand around the pub?" He asks, intently waiting for answer giving me more attention than I intended. I nod once, thinking what kind of question was that.

"You have no problem in giving it to me?" Why would I offer you if I did?

I shake my head with a little smile, looking down to pull out the money from my purse.

"Don't" Chase's heavy voice pauses me and I swivel at him with confusion. "I know people like you very well." He points at me and I felt a rush of anxiety flow through me. "You people, full of assets and bloody cupidity. You use this as your chance to show off your prosperity so no thank you. I need none of your money. I'd rather.....forget it." With that he scrambling out of the pub; leaving a painfully large lump in my throat

I hear muffled chuckles. Every little laugh was silent for me, harmless. The only one that mattered, also afflictive, was Harry's. I hate to admit this but it did sting.

"Chase can be a little...rude. He is not..." Niall tries to explain but he pauses after I force a small smile in his direction.

"It's okay. I understand." I don't understand.

"You should go to Gemma." Harry advices and I know by his tone that it is a demand.

I turn away from them, without giving a look at Harry. Biting the inside of my cheek, I make my way towards the rest room.

My mind is stuck in a mess of million thoughts. Struggling to get out of the tangled mess but the more time it take, the more my head aches and I start to lose control over my desire to cry it out.

I wanted to slap him, slap him in front of all his friends. Hurt him the way I'm hurt but I won't do it because silence is the best answer for fools.

I rest my hands on each side of the sink and breathe in an attempt to tranquil my disturbed mind. I had so many insecurities planted in my mind, something my mother didn't let get to me. She always told me I was perfect, she told me I had everything I need and that is one of the major reasons why I'm so weak today.

I shuffle through my purse, blinking my eyes rapidly to clear my vision. I waste no time in dialing Mr. Barton after locating my phone. I struggle with the address but he is smart enough to comprehend my location faster than any GPS can.

"Keep yourself together." I warn myself staring at the mirror, feeling silly for being so dramatic.

I walk out of the restroom and restrain from looking over at Harry and his friends. My eyes search for Gemma's colored hair amongst the now increasing amount of people. Amongst all the 30 pairs of eyes, I seemed to catch the green ones only. Harry stopped rushing through people when our eyes connect, the frown he had between his eyebrows slowly vanishing. Before he could look away, I turn away and make my way towards the bar.

I spot Gemma and Iris laughing at something but the giggling seizes as I approach them.

"You seem to disappear every time we meet." Gemma points out, "Harry was looking for you."

The last sentence got my stomach to form in a few knots. But I was no fool anymore; I did not let it get to me and shrugged it off. Gemma ordered a drink for me and continued talking about a guy she had a crush on and during the whole waiting time I had struggled not to look towards the pool tables. I was just so curious, why Harry was searching for me when he told me to go to Gemma and Iris. But then again, I would not let these things get to me because in the end, I'm the one crying.

After drinking one of the non-alcoholic drinks, which Gemma laughed at me for that people who turn legal get wasted every night and, I'm here, scared of getting caught. At that I wanted to point out that I'm not like the rest but I go against it. Mr. Barton texted me that he is where I had informed him and I decide on an excuse for my leave.

"I have to go. I'm so sorry but I'll catch up later." I lie, standing up and straightening the dress I have started to despise.

"What? I thought you were coming with us." Gemma exclaims.

"I was but...something came up. I have to go but we'll catch up soon." Iris knows I'm lying; I can detect it by the way she is gazing at me. I know her well enough that she won't do anything about it so that is the least I have to worry about.

"And when we do catch up you're not running away or hiding." Gemma points a finger at me, her shimmered up eyes narrowing.

Tell your brother not to throw bombs at me and I won't.

I force a laugh. "I won't." I meet Harry's eyes as Gemma leans in for a small hug but I pull away quickly, and quite rudely.

"Don't tell mama where we are." Iris warns.

"I won't, stupid." She cracks a smile.

"Text me when you reach home." Nodding, I turned around giving a last glance at the boy who seemed to hastily look away. I exit the area telling, warning, myself that this has to be the last of what we had. I'm not getting in his mess again.

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