“The boy damned you big time!” Savvy laughs, her dark looks being shifted to one side of her shoulder. She was settled in between of my bed; listening to my, not so very reasonable story with great interest than expected. She was astonished by the confidence Harry had the whole time.

“Go to the dinner! Seriously!” She spoke eagerly. Almost excited more than I am for the new situation I have to face.

“I really can’t put my head around him asking if my parents are home or not.”

“You’re too gullible, that’s all. He just had to say one sentence to get you going.” I can’t seem to believe her, or my own thoughts. Would he really dare to do something to harm me?

“I don’t know.” I shrug, taking a sip of the warm liquid from the mug.

“By what you told me, I came to decision that he is trying to change. He really does fancy you a lot.” I try to ignore her last sentence to avoid any color on my cheeks but it was not possible. Before I could point anything out or even think of a reply, the ringing of my phone takes my attention and I walk towards it before Savvy could. An unwanted chill rushes up to my nerves when I read the name on it. Damn this guy give dominated human thoughts. 

“I know it’s The Romeo. I don’t mind.” The female playfully winks at me and I glare at her. I answer the ringing phone, pressing it to my ear.

“Miss Chandler.”


“An hour.”

“I know, Styles.” I huff. See this is what infuriates me, his unexpected, unknown color changes. It makes it so hard to comprehend his personality or his attitude, most importantly him.

"Good. Wear something sizzling." He hisses. "By which I mean something hot." My breath hitches in my throat but before I could even react more the line goes dead. I could feel the lingering heat and I'm sure the teasing female can notice it without much difficulty.

"He really does know how to get under my skin." I huff in frustration, taking in what he had just said. Savvy laughs, crawling off of my bed and I watch as she walks towards me. She retrieves her jacket from the chair behind me.

“I better get going.” She declares. “I don’t think lover boy is a fan of patience.” She laughs at her own joke, slipping the jacket on. I slap her in the process just to make her laugh increase.

“Let me know if something goes wrong, you can call me.” She offers and I give her an are-you-serious expression and she giggles. She really, really has some laughing issues. But it’s really one of the best things you can find in a person, they make a cheerful company and sometimes that is all you need.

“I think I’m old enough to take care of myself.” We walk out of the room while she gathers her hair to tie a ponytail.

“Well then, good luck with the date tonight.” She smiles widely; reminding me to question myself what is it tonight? But go completely against asking Harry, he isn’t a fan of answer straight either,. He just insults you when he has the chance. We say our farewells, her teasing me about him more times than necessary.

I take a glance at the clock, managing all the things I have to do. I get into a long warm shower knowing how I still have a good hour to get ready. There is a mixture of feelings inside me. Some are unexplainable and some are too confusing that I can’t even wrap my mind around them. I really am avoiding keeping expectation, they hurt more when you expect from people. I’m not looking much forward to it either because he always seems to take his time to change.

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