I engage myself in shuffling through racks of female clothes while Harry engrosses through his essentials or whatever. He first got engaged with his phone, which took out almost 10 minutes and now he can't seem to decide the right colours for his choices.

I mentally note to myself to come back here and upgrade my collection, memorizing the ones that captivated me the most. After a good ten minutes if killing time, I search the place for Harry only to find him frowning deeply at a shirt he seemed to be examining.

Looking around, I made my way to survey the dress section. I overlook the disturbingly short ones and the unpleastly tight ones. The new collection did not impress me as much as it always did but I still keep up my exploration to kill the dragging time.

A dark turquoise sequined dress caught my gaze and I take a few steps to approach it. The dress was elegantly stylish but its lack of length went against my liking.

A hand was placed near my hip, the sudden action making a rush go through my spine. A watch from the corner of my eye as Harry presses a kiss on my neck making visible goosebumps pop up.

"Like it?" Harry places his chin on my shoulder, his front completely pressed with my back. His every breath made a wave wash down my body, tensing every nerve along its way.

"N-not very much." I reply, my heart beating at an unhealthy rate.

"Try it." He stands back on his full height and I take in a sharp breath, recovering from my previous reaction.

"Why?" I frown at him.

"Because I like it. Now go on."

"We don't have time, Harry." I point out in an attempt that he'll drop his order.

"We have all the time we need, love. " He lightly pushes me towards the try room while handing me the dress. I decide to go against resistance knowing that he wouldn't leave this place until he receives whatever he desires.

I strip out of my cloths hanging them on the hooks neatly before slipping inside the party dress. I did not notice the deep V behind it until now, the V ending at end of my spine. The dress was figure tight, highlighting every curve I possessed and revealing enough flesh to make me uncomfortable.

"Chandler?" Harry calls out, snapping me out of my daze. "Baby, You have to show me before changing." I tense at his words, almost sensing his signature smirk as he spoke. I pull at the hem of my dress only to uncover more skin from the back. Frustration takes over my senses and I think of how persuasive Harry is.

Letting my hair cover the skin behind, I decide on ignoring the disturbing length which reached way above my mid thigh.

Harry was leaning against the wall next to my changing room. His eyes swiftly land on me, his hand dropping from where they were folded on his chest. His lips fairly part as his eyes survey me and I feel a rush run down my spine. He takes a few steps towards me whilst still eyeing me and my cheeks tingle with heat for an unknown reason.

"Holy f.ucking shit," He mutters, smiling smugly. "Better than I expected."

"I should change." Instead of waiting for his response, I quickly turn away and advance towards my changing room. Before I could close the door another force acted from the other side, pausing my action.

"Let me in." He whispers, shoving the door harder this time.

"What!? No!" No way in hell will I do that.

"C'mon," He pleads.

"No, Harry." I snap sharply, slamming the door shut and wasting no time in locking it.

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