five - bloody jerk.

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"You want to remember that while you're judging the book, the book is also judging you." -Stephen King, Night Shift.

"Are you a virgin?" He asks casually. I thought I heard him completely wrong but when I realized that wasn't the case, an involuntary gasp falls from my mouth; eyes widening. I could not quite believe he would as me such a thing.

"Let's put it this way, miss innocent." He rolls his eyes but he was still smiling, "Ever had a boyfriend?"

"Having a boyfriend has nothing to do with your...that." I answer, despising how straightforward he was. He raises his thick eye brows up in astonishment. He really enjoys pissing others off too.

"So is that a yes?"

"No. It's a no."

"No, you're not a virgin or you had never seen someone?"

"Why do you care anyway?" I cross my arms over my chest and look up at him, surprise at the courage I attained.

"You cared so much about me having a girlfriend, why can't I ask?" He answers and this time, I'm the one who is laughing.

"Your thoughts are seriously comical, Harry." This has to be the first time I said his name, I think he noticed. "You should work on that."

He does a fake laugh, "Very funny, Indiana." My stomach tightens at the last word.

"Yes it is," I force a smile. "And it's Indie."

"Sure, Indiana." I glare at him and he laughs. Silence takes over us again, me waking away to retrieve all the balls on the grass. I hear him come near me, assured that he won't shut up until he gets a clear answer from me.

"On serious note," He stands in front of me, arms crossed. "You never, ever had a boyfriend?" His voice pitched at the end, showing how he found the news unbelievable for some reason.

I purse my lips, shaking my head before turning my gaze away. And of course, he laughs. But his laugh has no usual loudness I got used to, it was light and forced. 

"I won't blame them." He states, watching me intently for my reaction. He is too judgmental. One of the qualities that I despise which also quite easily annoys me.

I huff in irritation, regretting how I agreed on the pairing and how I thought maybe there would be any chances of getting along. He is too selfish to be friendly.

"Which should technically mean that you haven't even kissed yet, right?" His voice had a teasing touch, clearly enjoying how easily I get irritated by him.

"Shut up." I spat, turning away from him. I knew he was teasing me, enjoying how he got the reaction he wanted. But as much as I deny it, deep down I'm hurt by his statements and comments. How he doesn't clearly know, how he just judges me and assumes things. It is pinning my heart either way.

"You are missing the greatest pleasures of life, Indiana." He snickers. Ignoring his comment, I walk towards my golf bag, ready to drag it to the parked golf cart at the corner.

"You have no right to poke into my personal life." I tried to be harsh but had no knowledge about the success. "Not everyone likes making out with strangers you know, unlike you."

"If you replace the uptight and crabby arse of yours with a nicer one, someone could reckon dating you."

"You're too judgmental!" It felt good to let the words out.

"Not really, I'm just clearing the misunderstanding you carry to satisfy yourself." I push the bag strap over my shoulder and face towards him. I should be ignoring him; brushing him off but curiosity possesses great area of my actions.

I turn away from him to decent down, evading his cruel presence. If there were another girl in my place, she would have slapped him for his unacceptably cruel behavior. He should be thank full.

I felt a heavy feeling in my chest; I wanted to take it out. The only way was to cry over it but I won't be that selfish and remove the cover over my weakness. I would not forgive myself for that. But the new insecurities he had scratched inside me were stinging. I loathe myself for letting people get to me so easily, but I also accept the way I am. That is how I was brought up; it won't be a contented task to change it. But I can try.

Harry was following me, my pace increasing after realizing. If he seriously jumped into the cart with me only to throw his cruel comments then I swear I'll push him off it and run over him. Although, I know myself how the audacity is absent inside of me to do such.

I place the long, bag inside the white golf cart and turned towards Harry, attaining all the courage I could. "The girls you dated, they have my pity." I regret turning around and walking to the driving seat.

"I piety girls like you, you know. The one who lives in a bubble where they could get any boy they wanted just because they possess greater wealth."

His statement got my jaw hanging. "I would careless about the opinions of you judgmental boys. Don't talk to me if you don't have anything nice to say." I felt like a kid after saying the last sentence. He was close to the cart, his clear chuckle audible. I place the key in and waste no time in pressing the gas. The cart moved forward with a jerk along with the boys curse.

"F.uck!" He growled, falling down on the green grass. My mouth gapes and I debate between helping him or letting it go. Feeling somewhat stupid, I got of the cart and trot towards the fallen boy.

"I'm so sorry, oh my God." I kneel near his body, watching as he opens one if his squeezed eyes. "I swear I did not mean to. I-i, where does it hurt?" I was getting ridiculously worried.

He bursts into laughter, clapping his hand together. Bloody jerk.

"Look at your face," He says, plopping on his elbows. "Oh Jesus!" I wanted to slap him, so hard at that laughing face but I couldn't, I knew I couldn't. His laugh ceases when he noticed how I hadn't said or did anything, how I just stared at him.

"You are an ill-mannered jerk!" I spat, taking out the words and breathing. He opened his mouth to throw something at me, I stood up. Inhaling and exhaling deeply, pressing my tongue on the roof of my mouth to stop the tears. I drive off, vowing not to come across this boy again.

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