"To know what a person has done, and to know who a person is, are very different things." -Hannah Kent, Burial Rites.

"Aha! On your dang face," My sister bursts, "Another shot!" I stop the laugh forcing to burst out at the way she acts by only getting 2 scores. But these are the little things that make her happy so be it, at least something does.

I pull out the small note pad from my back pocket and a blue pen from my hair. After noting down her new scores, I watch her looking over my shoulder with a hint of smile. Curiosity wanted me to turn around.

"Harry seems like a nice lad, no?" Iris stops me. I snicker at her statement and shake my head momentarily. Iris is still smiling at me and I don't see any emotion in it, she is just teasing.

"No, not at all," I try to crop my little rant on how much of a jerk he is each time we met. "He is nothing near 'nice'." I bend down to retrieve my white golf ball, placing to its previous position near the hole. Before pushing the ball in, I look back up at Iris.

"What made you think of him, after like 2 days?" I inquire and she simply gives me an answer by shrugging, the smile still playing on her lips. It irritates me, how she never clears her point during the conversation. I focus on the goal now, leaving the killing green eyes and the evocative smirk the boy possessed. If only his looks imitated his personality.

I successfully get the white ball inside the cup, gaining a point for myself. I hop a little to imitate Iris and turn around only to find two additional people standing with her, catching the boy's eyes in particular. I felt my stomach tightening, doing little leaps that I can't seem to ignore. And this answers what made her think of him, they were right here.

I thought prayed even, that the dinner at the Style's would be the last meeting we would have, for a while at least. But it seems like our parents can't get enough of them yet. The idea of seeing them, actually him, sounds more disturbing than appealing.

Gemma waves in my direction, grinning widely and I try my best to look as enthusiastic as she does. My smile fades when I meet the boy eyeing me and I debate whether to walk to them or stay here and pretend like I'm occupied. But then I want to meet Gemma, and that will be rude. I'm over thinking such minor things

"Hey." I say after gaining their attention. To my surprise, Harry replies along with Gemma and I wanted to point out how I was talking to Gemma not him. But I avoid any argument and Gemma embraces me in a hug. It's like her beauty increases every time I see her, making my self-consciousness increase along.

"I'm so glad we meet again." She exclaims, honesty clear in hear words. I smile at her comment and we start a little conversation, Harry not speaking once; he's just too busying annoying me with his burning gaze, while I try to focus on anything but him.

I'm not surprised when Iris teams herself up with Gemma leaving me with him. I wanted to start a war against her for this but something inside me said that maybe this could make us get along. It was hard to comprehend how he didn't protest against this.

I walk away from the group to retrieve my white ball and the golf club. I would continue playing, if he wanted to join, he'll ask himself. I'm not at all interested with having a game with him, which will end in an argument eventually. I see no fun.

I continue with my game, which was completely useless now that Iris is not playing. Not failing in embarrassing myself yet again in front of him, I miss the accessible shot quite carelessly. My cheeks tingle with heat almost instantly and I hear the crunching of the grass approaching towards me. A light chuckle, that I'm getting quite used to now, was audible.

"Bend a little upwards." Before I could comprehend his words, his palm is pressed on my stomach; the other on my back to set me into place. The contact added to the heat on my cheeks, my body reacting almost immediately at the simple touch. The flesh lasted for approximately 3 seconds before he stood straight besides me. I recovered from my little trance, staring at the green grass blankly.

"Now try." He acquaints, crossing his arms on his chest; a ghostly smile plays on his lips when I peek at him. I give it a shot again, keeping the urge of telling him that I do know how to play this game. My second attempt fails horribly, vexation taking over my little happy mood.

"Be easy on the club, no need to put so much pressure when the distance is less." He explains. Before I could think of any sentence to fire at him for treating me like an illiterate, I felt his hand on mine; the touch increasing from my left arm brushing with my back, to my right hand. His skin was warm, the blood rushing in all my senses.

It took me while to discern how close we were which, in every way, was completely wrong. Before he could make our arms swing, I straighten my posture only to get closer to him. My mind was not thinking straight, giving him an odd message. I push him away, increasing the distance between us. He was taken by surprise at my almost unexpected actions. He really thinks he could get closer to me so easily.

The air was vanshing between us, him gazing at me in astonishment; hands still in the air.

"W-what the hell?" He seemed pissed. "I was just fucking teaching you, no need to be so edgy."

I cringe at the usage of his language. He was shocked to an extent that he had to search for words and take out his anger. My mind itself searched for a good reason for my actions, coming back to its senses, ready to fire back. I had no particular reason for pushing him back.

"You," This is ridiculous, I thought to myself. "You have a girlfriend."

I look away before he could laugh at me, and of course, he does.

"What made you think that?" He asks after laughing, raising his voice at the last word. I took my time to answer.

"You had a, um, female visitor when we last came." After answering I realized how nosy I sound. My feet lead me to the golf bag not much far away, to avoid eye contact with him.

"What made you think she was my girl?" The way he said 'my girl' sent an odd thrill inside of me.

"Well, she was practically on top of you." I exaggerate a tad bit, regretting as soon as he hears my statement. When I peek at him, his eyes reflect nothing but pure amusement. A small, hint of smile on his lips.

"You know, it's rude to spy on people like that." He takes a step forward and my body tenses up at his words. I didn't even think of how stupid I must sound.

"I was just, um, we were like.." The right words had vanished from my brain, "It's not what you think, we were just..." He interrupts by chortling.

"I was kidding; you should learn to calm down." He surely enjoys others reactions. "Along with golf, of course."

"I know how to play, thank you so much." I roll my eyes at him, checking through the golf bag for a good club, though I absolutely had no knowledge about it. I just wanted to seem occupied to avoid him.

I thank God for the silence he had granted us, his utterance had come to end. I am completely unaware of his next actions or statements and he sends a bad vibe every time I gaze at him. He is always up to something; I can judge that after meeting only thrice.

Harry plays a few shots off golf, my eyes forcing to view him. He is attractive, extremely attractive; there is no denying in that. He wore pink shaded polo, adorned with white slacks and a simple, white baseball cap. His arms were toned, his muscles tightened when he aimed for the ball and relaxed after striking. I stood there, watching intently how he played; the way he reacted with every shot, how he flipped his long looks from his sight. His head turns in my direction faster than I could look away. I pretend a fake sneeze before looking away, heat instantly rising on my cheeks.

"Bless you." The hoarse voice speaks from behind me; I could sense a smile in his voice.

"Thank you."

I avoid his gaze and look around the ground for any familiar females to join. I'd rather watch them play than humiliate myself for the tenth time. This boy is just something I couldn't get and not even planning to.

"Are you a virgin?"

Extra virgin oil white boy lol

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