ten - back to strangers

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"Study people. Learn to see passed your own perceptions. Only then can you start to understand those around you." -Jacob Holguin

I feel like a fool, a selfish human for even placing Harry in the category of friends while for him I was just someone he could enjoy reactions from after hurting me continuously. I feel like a fool for even expecting him to defend me on the first place. I feel like a fool for even having thoughts of him those past three days, for letting him crawl into my mind ever so often.

I'm aware they will be visiting tonight for my parents' anniversary along with other 100 of guests. But I least cared. I was gladly successful in not being in the same house as them each time they appeared the last three days.

My mother wanted me and Iris to look perfect at their special day. Her 'perfect' was taken a bit seriously than I thought. She had dropped me and Iris to one of her friends' parlor and explained her everything that had to be done. It had almost everything. Manicure to pedicure, facial to waxing, from haircut to make up. And then it made me wonder if we had an appointment with a plastic surgeon too.

I stared at the mirror, thinking of anything that could go wrong and the only thing that came on my mind was his name. I'm not to be blamed. I applied my lip stick twice thinking that maybe its light and later removing almost all of it think it's too dark. I'm not sure what makes me so nervous but something does and I can't seem to have my control over it.

My hair was up in a braided up do, something new I had tried and started to grow a little liking for it. My eyes smoked with a shade of grey, lips covered in bright red. Silky black dress hugged my whole body the way I liked, the glittery affect fading down my dress. It took me a span of 3 hours to pick that dress amongst so many choices, but Gemma insisted on this one.

I've came to a decisions that I won't ignore him like I did previously, that was a little childish of me. I'll answer him if he says something and that's all. And I certainly will not accept any of his offers because I see no point in it.

Iris had been acting like a normal sister to me since that day. She had been caring, I even found out she was the one covering for me when I went to waste my time with Harry. She gossiped with me about this new person my father has started to help in his business. She told his son was 'pure perfection'. He was visiting today so Iris would do anything to grab his attention, and I had been so stupid to promise her that I'll help.

"Bloody hell!" I jump at the sudden voice. "Is it your anniversary or moms?" Iris stands by my door in her mini violet dress, a color that suits her quite nicely.

"Told you that dress was perfect." I point at her, grinning proudly.

"God, I'm so nervous." She intertwines her fingers. "What if he doesn't talk to me?"

"Why wouldn't he, stupid." I remove the loose third stuck on her dress. "I mean look at you! Any guy would talk to you." It's true. Iris carries this mature look that makes her look older in a really flawless way. It makes her attractive, something I'm not. I get jealous at times when she gets a little too much attention but then I shrug it off, I despise jealousy amongst blood relations.

She guides me on how to get a little mature look and pulls out small, curly strands from my up do. The look had gotten messier and much better than before.

"Dab some more blush, snow white." She helps me in toning my make-up before explaining how to start my conversation with the boy, Xaviar.

"Harry would probably drool at the sight of you." She teases but before I could smack her face with something, she rushes out.

I would do anything to prove that I hadn't struggled in looking this good tonight just because Harry would be there. But I know better. I know that little part of me, that nasty yet true part of, had the goal of impressing him to an extent where regrets are planted in his mind.

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