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"Indie, will you go somewhere today? I'm calling a few friends over!" Iris shouts from over the kitchen, not bothering to walk a few steps over to the patio and talk to me more humanly. Huffing, I place my Macbook on the table and walk over to the kitchen.

"I'm not sure." I answer, "Why?" My minds pops Harry again and I peek outside the kitchen to have glance of the clock before turning back at her.

"I have friends coming over, I just told you."

"Will Gemma be there?"

"Nah, they're those Uni friends." I purse my lips and nod at the her.

"How long will they be here?"

"Not more than 2 hours actually. They'll come by evening and leave after lunch." She shrugs, taking a spoon full of peanut butter in her mouth before securing the jar with its lid.

"Alright." I return to the patio, scratching the bits of nail-polish left on my nails. There are thoughts and question pinning in my head. The kind of questions that I don't even know the answer to which only helps in increasing the growing weight on my chest. What is going on between us? How will I specify us?

It's 2pm and I haven't heard from him since last night he left. He left right after we ate, just so you know. I interpret this relation as what you call 'dating' thinking that maybe he takes it the same way, he was the first one to make a move on me. Practically, it doesn't seem like it. Maybe I'm the only one thinking this about us, and he doesn't. Why is he so perplexing?

I return back to the kitchen finding Iris on her tip toes in attempt to reach something. "Iris?" Being the younger one, I wanted to ask her questions regarding relationships and such but I had this feeling warning me that she'll be suspicions due to my sudden interest in such topic. Hell, she'll get to the bottom of it without leaving a stone unturned.


"Um, nothing. Never mind." I revert back towards the patio, feeling paranoid of the thoughts making me feel down. I click on a new tab and surf the question instead of asking someone only to leave them thinking something I don't want them to. As ridiculous as it sounds, I type in if you kiss does it mean you're dating? I enter this simple question.

I felt stupid but then seeing so many people asking the same question as me assured me that this is just a phase you go through. I click on the first one that related to my question more than the others. I eagerly read through the answers, the suggestions and advices.

'For girls that would be considered dating, but for some guys (not all) that is just a play kiss. He might not have meant anything by it. On the other hand he might have been sincere and really have feelings for you. Since I don't know the boy you have to decide and see if you think he means it or if he's just using you.' One said which made a slight feeling of disappointment grow inside me.

But then one of it actually made sense, it actually made me think and got the hopes, that I lost just not seconds ago, up. 'How about you talk to him and see where you stand. A kiss doesn't automatically mean dating.'

'You didn't kiss him once.' My subconscious spats.

The buzzing of my phone gains my attention. I huff in frustration, reaching for my phone. My stomach tightens at the name that flashes on my screen. I stare at the screen, counting till at least 10 rings before picking it up.

"You seem like a busy person, Chandler." My lips crack into an unintentional smile.

"Hi, how are you?"

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