"Take my hand, lets just dance, watch my feet, follow me. Don't be scared, girl I am here."
-Justin Bieber, Never let you go.

My mind was struggling for a decision; it couldn't quite land on one which was frustrating. But that little part of mine was in dominance which, of course, wanted to give Harry a silent, unnoticeable approval. I just felt embarrassed to agree the little liking I have for the offer.

"I really don't know how to." I half lie.

"Teaching ain't hard." Although I wasn't looking at him, I could sense his infamous smirk. I stay silent.

His contact on the light curve of my waist was an approval how he took my silence as a positive answer. And I did not find the need to protest inside of me.

"You just place you're hand on my shoulder." His hand guides mine to his shoulder. "And hold the other with mine."

He had dominance in his nature. How his low, hoarse voice can be hypnotizing. It makes me feel different. It felt like the past little fights had never happened, like he wanted to get close anyway and I had to like that, anyway.

"Then, just move like this." His hand lightly pushes me to move with him and that's that. We resembled the others, something I had a feeling I would never gain success at.

We were cautiously close, my eyes looking away when I felt a pang of shyness. My hand gently pressed with his warm one. Not to mention how ridiculously small my hand looked in contrast with his. I liked his quiet state, it seemed peaceful; it increased his undeniable beauty.

"Easy, isn't it?" He asks, showing a small smile. I return the smile and nod. "And you're quite good at it for starters."

"How so?" A playful side awoke inside of me.

"Well, you didn't step on my feet yet. So that is pretty good." He exclaims, chuckling at his own statement. I chuckle along, shifting my gaze to the floor before looking back at him.

"How much did you drink tonight?" I ask.

"A glass only. Why?"

"Your considerate attitude is surprising yet skeptical."

He tilts his head backwards in laughter and I found myself hooked to the view. I felt foolish and dumb for thinking of something similarly humorous only to descry the alluring view again.

And then his laugh seized. His eyes connected with mine, similar smiles playing on each face. I felt something in the pit of my stomach, something foreign. A hint of sincerity blended with the greenness of his eyes.

We swayed rhythmically without our attention towards it. I had this smile on my lips that didn't wanted to leave. There are consequences, punishments and mistakes from before being played before my eyes. Telling me to let go before he drops me into trouble but my focus was on the smiling male. Who intertwined our fingers casually making me desire more of the heat.

"You look really..better, Chandler." Harry's tone is low, a smirk curving on his lips. I admired the way his r's are mainly silent. His eyes shifting from my eyes, landing somewhere on my face. I find it difficult to comprehend the area, too busy in taking that sentence into my senses.

As usual, I did not want it to get to me. I don't want to show how extremely flattering that comment is. How I felt a tingly sensation in my stomach. How the heat took no time to rise on my cheek and make it visible for him to see. I look away from him and my eyes trail their own way to his lips. The moment I felt this minor urge of touching them with my own, I turn away.

Nervousness and shyness mix in my emotions and that has to be one of the worsts of combinations. My eyes had refused to glance at his face and just shifted amongst the crowd. Our bodies still swaying absentmindedly. That was until I met my mother's gaze.

An unwelcome rush flows through my body, my heart dropping in the pit of my stomach. I withdraw from Harry's touch, taking a long stride backwards to increase the distance between us. Harry stood surprised, his arms slowly falling to his sides. A frown forms on his face, irritation and anger evident in the expression.

"Thank you, Harry. I-i have to go." There is no need for explanation. "Good night." I rushed the words and did not wait much for his reply; it can be a little dangerous for me to get spotted with him again.

I can't quite understand why he had anger involved in those features, or maybe it was just me. After experiencing his rapid attitude change and unclear intentions, I predict he wouldn't careless. He really gives me serious yet stressful headaches.

The rest of the night dragged along. It comprised of multiple uncomfortable eye connections with Harry. Dreadful glares from my mother, warning me about something. Not to forget the annoyingly playful looks and ridiculous winks being thrown at me by our sisters.

If only they knew the real deal.

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