"You like all those vintage, old-school gems don't you?" Harry speaks amid the intense drive.

"Pretty much," I answer dryly.

"You know Chandler, I would gladly adore any vintage piece except your one piece swimmers. Those things deserve to be modern. You know what I mean?"

"I adore it that way, sorry." I was surly not as confident about my fresh one piece swimsuit as I was before. But I could not show that to him.

"Mhm, I like that you do." His question left me off-guard, can you blame me? I glance at Harry from the corner of my eyes, his focus on the road before he gaze in my direction. I look away.

And that was the last time we actually talked that whole day. We were greeted -no- he was greeted by his friends as soon as we hopped of his kidnapper-car. I failed to spot a blonde guy amongst them who would probably give me good company and cover the sting of betrayal I felt the whole time.

Are this much guest even allowed?

I felt peace wash over my soul at the site of an old friend I made here so long ago.

"Indiana? Girl, where the hell have you been?" She greets me joyously, something I really needed right now.

"Out and about." I answer, grinning ear to ear.

"I love, love the new hair by the way," I complement her new shaded looks, "That must have taken quite the work."

"Trust me. You have no idea how ass whooping it was." Her eyes widen a little as she spoke, "But hard work pays off, huh?" We both chuckle again and I take the time to admire her bright colored swimsuit. I did not realize how ugly I looked in mine until now.

We make small chats, slowly subsiding in to the cool water. My eyes flick to the group that had gained the attention of the curly haired more than I did, or could. I have no hope in them making no trouble, I'll mentally prepare myself for that and for my father who'll get the news at the blink of an eye. I seemed pathetic falling into a tangled mess for someone who is too busy eyeing his female 'friend' instead of being with the person who got him here in the first place.

It would not actually make a difference if she wore a swimsuit or not, I felt ashamed by just looking at her. I watch my feet wiggle underwater, thinking how I can be someone more important to him than his friends. Where in the world can I buy that confidence, please?

Me and my company will often fill of the silence with useless words which only dragged the conversation. I had no control over my face that unwillingly showed no interest and hoped she does not sense it. But was proved wrong when she excused herself. I just sigh deeply and think how stupid I was wearing what I did.

My thoughts were horrendously interrupted by two hands grabbing my wriggling feet and pulling me faster than gravity ever could. I gasp but hold my breath just in time to save me from choking my organs out later. The cold water was breath-taking but refreshing at the same time.

Moments later, a pair of lips glide against mine, as if water was not enough to take my breath away. I had comprehend by the way my waist was held to keep my body close to his who exactly the person was.

The desperate need for air made me take aggressive movements to take my body above the water surface. That was too much for my system to handle.

"Shi.t, are you alright?" Harry asked as soon as he came up, concern in his eyes at the sight of my breathless self. The concern in his eyes was such a foreign emotion and my stomach tighten at the realization that I am the cause.

I manage to nod and the confirmation washed the inconceivable concern that was directed towards me.

"Get some water, go." He instructs only receiving a nod from me. I sluggishly walked out of the pool, feeling the warmth pricking up my skin.

I gulp at the cool, crystal clear liquid, my eyes set on the boy in tight yellow shorts. He walks out of the water, flipping his now dark hair like a wet puppy. Disappointment settles inside the pit of my stomach at the sight of him rejoining his friends. Also at the fact that they didn't even bother saying a simple hello to me, while I was the reason they're here.

I join my friend inside the pool seconds later, blindly oblivious to the guy she is talking to. She faces me with a slight smile before introducing me to the insanely attractive male.

"Mick, Indian-" I glare it her, "Uh-Indie, Indie, Mick."

The guy lowers himself underwater, the water reaching his chin before he flashed me a radiant grin that my lips involuntarily return. "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too." And with that I intently watch him eye my friend before realizing I have been staring.

I excuse myself and go for a lonely swim to somehow wash off the heaviness of my heart that will get unbearable without notice. I would go deep underwater to check how long I could hold my breath, choking twice in the process and gaining unwanted attention. What is wrong with me?

My friend joins me after a while, probably because her pity towards my lonely-self forced her to. We swim around, enjoy a cup if cocktail together while she fill me up about her bachelor ideas and her perfectly planned future. Making me wonder what in the world am I doing with mine?

Guys would often stop by us, offering us drinks. In fact offering her a drink, they just offered me to avoid being rude, it was sadly clear. I felt invisible next to her attractive self. I could sense all my wild insecurity slowly bursting out of the locked doors.

I would often catch Harry's eyes, specially when guys where around which made me want to jump at one if that made him come to me.

Déjà-vu struck me as I dialed Mr. Barton and requested him to pick me up. The shower was cold but it froze my racing thoughts which was helpful.

I entered the empty, suffocating place that I call my home. Dragging my insecurities and loneliness behind me.

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