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"Iris, putting you in charge is not an advantage against your sister, got it?" My mom warns my sister. She gives her a simple nod and a smirk at me.

"And you obey your sister." My mother points at me, her attitude never changing. Why can't she accept the fact that we are grownups now, mature enough to live in a house without them? They're absence will probably go unnoticed and time would fly, they are hardly home anyway.

My father is already settled in his car while we follow my mother down the stairs. I carelessly slept on the couch near the window and woke up with a strained neck and back. Every movement is filled with pain reminding me of my little mistake. I'm completely unable to even look down or turn without any kind of pain.

My mom talks to Mrs. Barton then, explain something I have least interest in. After saying good byes to the parents, Iris grins in my direction.


"Let’s call Gemma and Harry."


"A mini party." She chuckles at her own words.

"How about just Gemma?" I advise. "I'm sure Harry has nothing to do here." She hops on the couch, kicking her shoes off. I search my pockets for my phone.

"Nah, I kinda like that guy." She shrugs. "Like he's funny and all." Of course you do now. Of course!

As much as I didn't want to see him, I didn't want to go near him or even let thoughts about him cross my mind. He is someone I have the urge to see, I have this desire to go near him, to let him watch me although it gets under my skin, but it's so foreign, so good. This is cliché, this is cheesy, this is everything you're sick of reading in novels and watching on movies but all in all, it's the truth. You feel all that and that is the only way you are taught to explain these feeling in this society. You just need to discover another way.


"Back to the topic. Seriously!" My friend Savannah giggles. "Are you taking Latin next summer?"

"I can't seem to make my mind up. What about you?"

"Eh, I'm not even sure if I'll be in town by then." She reminds me of her departure. Savvy is my classmate from Latin class. We dropped out of the classes after attending a month course, it was getting tougher gradually and those were only the basics. Now she wants to get in again but we're too late for registration. I get to decide on whether to give my luck next semester. She won't really be around then I see not so many advantages in doing so.

"My parents won't be home for a few." I stand by the window, my gaze pausing on a familiar black vehicle. "Let’s party."

"Tomorrow?" I watch two familiar bodies getting out of the car, my body stiffening.

"T-Tomorrow it is then."

"Are you alright? What’s up?"

"Nothing." So many things. "See you tomorrow, gotta rush. Bye!"

"Alright, take care. Bye bye!"

I drop my phone on the bed immediately, watching it bounce at the end of the bed. Damn. I jog towards my washroom, calming myself for a moment. Stripping off the torn, dirty t-shirt, I slip on a more presentable top. I straighten my hair with the help of my fingers, disappointed at the now prominent pimple on my forehead. My hair gets wrapped in a lose hair bun in a few seconds and I pull out a few wavy strands to cover over my bothersome zit.

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