"Who was it, sweetheart?" She is testing and I'm clueless as to how to carry this situation smoothly. I'm practically horrible when comes to 'smooth'.

"Ah, it's a friend." Yeah, Harry is a friend.

"No need to lie, Indiana." She keeps the harsh gaze. "It's Mr.Styles' son, isn't it?"

I need to stay calm; there is absolutely no reason to panic about. That us the truth, he is a friend and this is nothing but a simple, friendly dinner. Which I thought was like-never mind.

"I'm not lying, Mama. He is my friend." And that was enough to silence her. She eyes me for a while trying to detect any doubt or uncertainty. Her features shifting to a softer one after being unsuccessful in finding one.

"It better not be any different Indiana. You're very well aware how your father despises relationships. You know how he desires things to be."

"Trust me; it won't ever be like that." I wanted to laugh just at the thought of it. The little part of my brain fantasizes that actually, completely up for a different relation with Harry while the other, of course, laughs at only the thought itself.

"That's good to hear." She confesses, her hands falling to her sides. She nods in satisfaction and I place my hands on my hips. I try not to waste much more time and pass by mother, jogging towards my room. I can't seem to remember the last time a rushed passed her like that, according to her it's 'disrespectful'.

I decide on a a black and white dress which consisted of a shiny belt and nice lacy sleeves. that reached till me elbow. After tying the lace of my snickers, mother won't see it anyway, I rush towards the mirror and smoothly apply a thin line of black eyeliner and brush a brown mascara over my eyelashes. After applying a few more details on my face I grab my purse and depart before my mother can block my way again.

Harry had made himself comfortable on one of the steps, his head dropped in his hands and elbows supporting its weight. I clear my throat to catch his attention.

"Finally!" He whispers loud enough for me to hear and lets out a sigh of relief. I chuckle at his little patience, taking a step to descend downstairs before he stops me.

"Wow, Chandler." He frowns, "We aren't going for a prom or something."

I take a deep breath and narrow my eyes at him. "Only dull people like you will go on a prom wearing this."

"Yeah, yeah. Go change into something less promie." I precept a faint smile on his lips when he notices the item on my feet.

"No, i won't."

"I figured." He turns around and I tread quickly to catch up with the all boy.

"The leather makes you look like a badass." He states, "Unless you don't see the.." He waves his hands towards my upper body and my face.

"And you said you won't be mean."
I pause by the car, folding my arms over my chest.

He chuckles deeper than before. "I'm kidding."

The ride was silent and Harry informed that it may take a while because the distance. I found my gaze shifting o Harry's hand ever so often, something I found oddly tempting. I force my eyes outside the window and watch the sun slowly loosing its power.

"I still can't believe that you have never had a falafel." Harry breaks the silence.

"I never said I haven't had Falafel, I just didn't try the place you mentioned." I clarify, staring at my palm.

"That is similar to not eating Falafel because at Mr.Falafel they make the best Falafel in the whole history thing of Falafels. Like they make the kind of Falafel-"

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