Chapter 9

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"Ummm... L-Let's go to your place..." Ryuu said, looking worried.

"Remember what I said? My parents said that I'm not even allowed to have friends."

"But you said that you doubt that they even come to the house anymore..."

"Occasionally, after school, my parents would secretly hire a maid to 'clean up the house.' This maid knows my parents like the back of her hand, and reports my actions to them. She's sort of like an... undercover spy or something."(Remember her, she is important later on in the story!)

"With a blown cover," Ryuu retorted. "By the way, where's Emi?"

"Yeah," Yuko popped out of nowhere. "I've been looking all over her place, but no luck.. I was so bored."

"Here," I announced, pulling out my lunchbox, and opened it. Inside, I had stuffed a bunch of pillows in there. "They were loud, so I gave them timeout..."

"Here I am! I'm free!" Emi flew out.

"Why were you on timeout?" Yuko asked.

"Because of her," Kina appeared, narrowing her eyes accusingly at Emi.

"No, it was thanks to her," Emi argued, pointing at Kina.

I rolled my eyes. "See why I used to many pillows?" I retorted as I stuffed the pillows into my bag.

"It's all her fault," Kina said firmly, pointing at Emi.

She rolled her eyes. "Gee, thanks," she said sarcastically.

Kina smirked. "Only YOU would take that as a compliment," she remarked.

Yuko looked at both of them helplessly. "Pl-Please stop fighting. L-Let's just play, ok?"

Emi narrowed her eyes at Kina. "No use in trying to play with HER. She'll just mess everything up."

"Says you," Kina muttered.

Emi clenched her fists. Kina gritted her teeth. "BOTH OF YOU, STOP!" I shouted. "OR ELSE BACK TO TIMEOUT YOU TWO GO! NOW QUIET!" I rolled my eyes. "Sheesh. Why must I have to scream to get you two to shut the hell up?!"

"S-Sorry, Shizuko..." Emi said.

Kina humphed, and looked away. "Sorry," she muttered.

Huh, I thought. Kina really does have manners... She's just to stubborn to show it... But when it comes to me, she's much, much nicer... I observed. She's probably nicer on the inside, but she just doesn't want to show it...

"So now can we play?" Yuko asked.

Emi beamed. "Of course we can!" She smiled. "LET'S GO PLAY! ~LALALALA!~"

Yuko turned towards Kina. "You wanna come?" he asked.

Emi's smile faded away. "Why are you asking HER?" she asked, voice full of disgust.

Kina rolled her eyes. "Sorry, kid, not interested. I don't want to hang out with... THAT," she said, venom dripping in her voice. "Good luck, kiddo. Hope you don't get a headache because of her... That would be pretty serious."

Emi rolled her eyes. "Yuko, let's go. Leave the 'forever alone' girl to be. We can go play together, WITHOUT her."

Yuko slowly nodded, and his eyes said: 'How the heck did I get stuck in this World War III?!"

I sighed. "Good luck, Yuko..." I muttered. "Have fun."

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