Introducing The New Girl

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A\N Hey guys its been so long... Well I'm back! Thanks for all the views. I honestly thought that this story won't even be here so I'm grateful for the readers. Sorry if it isn't good but I have severe writer's block(😡 hate when that happens)
Anyways Let's hop right into it

The next day


I got up that morning to get ready for my shopping spree with Emma and Zuri. After taking a shower and brushing my teeth I opened my box and wore this:

Then I decided to embrace my natural curls since they're curly in their own way

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Then I decided to embrace my natural curls since they're curly in their own way. I don't wear make up so I just left the room to wait for the others.

Luke POV

I don't know but there's something about Mia that I just can't get... I love her mysterious vibe. She keeps me wondering. I tried testing the waters yesterday but she's sending me mixed feelings. Well today is a new day I'll try again but after dance practice.


I went downstairs and entered in the kitchen and saw Jessie making breakfast.

"Good morning Lil Red", I said (lil red is a childhood nickname I gave Jessie even though her hair is auburn. But it still gives a reddish look right?😕😕😕)

"Hey Mimi I made waffles let's eat"
"Sure let me help you out"
I took the strawberries and the whipped cream to the table.

"Kids come downstairs food is ready!!!"


"Anyway how are the guys and Alex?"
Jessie asked (I have four older brothers that I rarely talk about with a twin sister. You guys will learn more about them later on...)

"Same as always..."

"Trouble" Jessie and I said in terrified

Bertram and the kids walked in the kitchen .

"Hey guys we were just waiting for you " I said.

"Hi Mia I couldn't help it but I heard you have brothers?! Girl we need to catch up " Emma said in a voice that's ready for gossip.

"Let's eat first then I'll tell you what I can tell"

"Sure", she said and took a seat.

I took a seat and Luke sat beside me.

"My day just got brighter" Luke said to himself and I couldn't help it but laugh.

"Mia what's so funny?" Ravi asked.

"No it's nothing Ravi I'm just happy to be here"

He just nodded. On Emma's and Zuri's lips a smirk appeared. Jessie gave me a side eye. Bertram just whistled.

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