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Mia's POV
The past few days Shane and I have been talking regularly and I'm slowly getting fond of him. He's sweet and fun to talk to.

Today we're supposed to meet up at the park because their crew is practicing today.

I got ready and wore this :

I fixed my hair and walked downstairs, waiting for the others on the couch

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I fixed my hair and walked downstairs, waiting for the others on the couch. Emma and Zuri joined me.

"How's Shia?" Emma asked.


"You and Shane. Duh," Zuri stated.

"Um, we're cool. "

"Come on. Say more," Emma urged.

"I mean he's a nice guy," I shrugged.

"You're impossible," Emma and Zuri said in unison.

I quietly giggled.

Ravi and Luke came downstairs and for some reason my heart started beating faster.

"Mia, I've noticed that you're a regular participant in watching the dance crew practice," Ravi smirked.

"They're really good. I enjoy watching them."

"Or she simply can't keep her eyes off me," Luke smirked and slung an arm around my shoulder.

I shot him a look and his smirk grew wider.

Zuri said, "Don't you think it's the other way round? You almost fell the other day because you were looking at Mia."

Luke's cheeks were flaming red and I smiled cheesily for some reason.

"Come on guys let's go," Jessie said and we left.


I was really impressed by the dancing crew's improvement. I cheered them on to boost their self esteem.

Shane turned his head my way and winked at me. Luke noticed and he was clearly annoyed. I smiled at Shane and Luke asked him to focus.

I really found it off but it's whatever.

After practice I walked up to them and said, "You guys are getting better everyday. I wish that my dancing abilities will improve."

"I could teach you some time," Shane said.

"I would appreciate that. "

"Ooohhh, one on one lessons," James, a member of the dancing crew and Luke's friend, said.

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