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Mia's POV
I've been attending Walden Academy for two weeks now and I must say that it is awesome! Talia, Sage, and I became closer and I'm slowly adjusting to my new school and the people in it.

Today, my friends and I sat in our English class, which I share with Luke (we have nearly identical schedules, only two classes are different).

Mrs. Burke, our English teacher called for our attention. When, everyone's eyes were on her, she spoke.

"Okay class, today I'm going to assign you to do a project with a partner that I have already chosen for you. Your project is to"

The class murmured several things and some girls whispered, secretly hoping that they were partnered up with Luke.

I rolled my my eyes at their pathetic behavior and listened to the name calling.


"Talia and Sage"
"Lucas and Mia"


Luke's POV

My partner is Mia, isn't that great! (Note sarcasm). Mia and I haven't been on the friendliest terms lately because I've been avoiding her since that incident. I've never been rejected before so her, a person I really like, dejecting me felt like a rip to my ego and my heart.

I don't know how this is going to go because I wasn't the nicest to her so I'm feeling a bit odd.

Mia glanced at me and I waved at her awkwardly. She gave me a confused look and chuckled right after. See, I'm breaking the ice, right???

The bell rang, signalling that the school day was over. Everyone packed their bags and sprinted outside. My friends wanted to play basketball at the park but I refused because I wanted to get this project done and over with. If it was up to me, I would want to do it in one day but Mia has a life too so it's whatever.

All of us walked into the penthouse and greeted Jessie and a sleeping Bertram before freshening up to change into new clothes.

I told Ravi about the awkward situation and he laughed at me, saying that it won't be that bad.

"I hope so," I mumbled before knocking on Mia's room door.

She opened it and from the look of her face, it seemed like she woke up from a nap.

"I'm sorry, did I wake you?" I asked.

"No, I was up few minutes before you knocked. Come in, I guess," she said and awkwardly let me in. I was welcomed by the vanilla scented air that circulated in her room. All of her belongings were neatly arranged and the extra decorations made the room look appealing.

I sat on her bed as she took out some books, pens, and papers. She sat beside me an opened a book.

"I was thinking that we should write about  Nelson Mandela because of the legacy he has in South Africa and worldwide," she said.

"Okay, that's a good idea. Let's start."


Two Weeks Later...

The project brought Mia and I closer once more. Even though I was being difficult at the beginning, she was patient with me and said sorry whenever we met. I couldn't stand being petty any longer so I buried the hatchet.  We are friends now but I still keep a safe distance from her because I don't want any feelings to resurface.

Today, we are submitting our papers to Mrs. Burke and will get our results by the end of the day.

"Do you think that we'll do well?" I asked Mia.

"Definitely. Those sleepless nights will not go in vain," she replied and we shared a laugh before sitting to our respective seats.


Shane, Ravi, and I stood outside the school as we waited for the girls to come. All of them came except for Mia.

"Where is Mia?" Shane and I asked in unison.

The girls shared a smirk before saying that she's going to get some papers.

Mia came out shortly after and I could see a radiating smile on her face which for some reason made me smile as well.

"LUKE, WE GOT AN A!!!!" she squealed and jumped into my arms and I hugged her back. Everyone was looking at us so we awkwardly separated as she stood next to her boyfriend.

"Wow... We need to celebrate cause I don't even remember the last time Luke got an A," Ravi said and they laughed at me hysterically as I mean mugged my brother.

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