House Sleepover!

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Today was the day Mr. and Mrs. Ross leave to attend to the work they left behind. Honestly, we had a good time with them and I hope that we'll see them again.

Bertram, Jessie, and I told our goodbyes which they returned with a warm hug.

"Guys, stay well and there should be no trouble while we're gone," they said and we nodded in response.

"Mr. and Mrs. Ross, I would like to thank you once more for allowing me to stay with your sister and family. I highly appreciate it," I said with gratitude.

"It's okay, no need to thank us. Everyone likes you here and you're a positive energy to be around," they replied.

"Bye Mom, bye Dad," The Ross kids said their last goodbyes as the elevator opened for their parents.

"Bye kids, we'll see you soon," they replied, blowing kisses to their kids before the elevator could close.

Jessie and Bertram went into the kitchen while the rest of us still stood in the living room.

After Mr. and Mrs. Ross left the apartment I said, "You guys will miss them."

"We will but they travel so much that it doesn't even faze us any more," Zuri shrugged.

"Okay guys, I have an idea," Emma stated.

"What is it?" Ravi asked.

"Let's have a sleepover!" Emma squealed in response and we gave her a look.

"But we live in the same house?" Luke said in confusion.

Emma rolled her eyes at her brother and said, "I know that already dumbo. It's not going to be a typical sleepover but a house sleepover."

"And what is that?" I questioned.

"We'll go in a person's room and spend the night there doing normal sleepover activities," Emma replied.

"Not a bad idea," Zuri stated. "We'll just have to buy some snacks and Emma has to arrange her room for all of us to sleep comfortably."

"Cool, what time does it start?" Ravi asked.


"Okay, we'll be ready by then," Luke said.


Zuri and I were currently in the supermarket to buy some snacks and drinks. We took a cart and started to go through the shelves.

After 15 minutes, our cart was full of endless amounts of snacks and drinks. It might seem a lot but we eat a LOT of snacks during the day so the pantry is always empty before the week ends.

We paid for out groceries and returned to the penthouse.


Emma had already informed Jessie about our plans for the night. She approved but warned us to be on our best behavior aka not disturbing Mrs. Chesterfield.

The day passed by quickly and before we knew it, it was dinner time. Everyone was already in their pajamas when we sat on the table. Dinner was served and it went by smoothly.

After dinner, I helped Bertram in cleaning up and sprinted upstairs. I took my things I needed for the night and decided to check up on Luke.

I softly knocked on his door and he yelled, "Come in."

U walked into his room to see him in the middle of changing into a plain white T-shirt. I quickly looked away and pretended to look around his room. My eyes eventually saw a stuffed teddy bear at the corner of his nightstand. I grabbed it and Luke's eyes darted to me. His cheeks stated to redden out of embarrassment and he seized the teddy out of my hand.

"Hey! He's cuddly," I pouted.

"And he's mine, don't tell anyone," he warned.

"Don't worry, I won't. I actually find it cute that you still keep one."


"Does he have a name?"

"Yeah, his name is Kenny."

"Kenny The Koala, cute."

"You're the only girl except for my sisters and Jessie who knows about him."

"Well, I guess I'm special."

"Don't guess, you are, to me," he said and my face almost exploded with joy. I played it cool by putting some hair on my face. He noticed it and smirked before walking over to me. His fingers brushed the hair away from my face and lingered on my cheeks before he dropped them.

He took his things and whispered in my ear, "Let's go, wouldn't want to be late."

He left the room and I must say, I was a blushing mess.


We were currently watching Pitch Perfect because who doesn't like to sing? The boys had no problem with it and we sat on Emma's carpet floor, hugging our blankets tightly. We ate and sang along to the songs as we watched the movie.

The movie ended and it was only 9:30.  We agreed on an all nighter so we had more than enough movies to watch. The next movie was on and Luke tried to act slick by holding my hand under the blanket. He's being extra flirty today and it's driving me crazy.


By 3 AM, Emma, Ravi, and Zuri were fast asleep. I wanted to wake them up but I ended up deciding to  let them be. Luke was still awake and we were watching Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Luke noticed that I was starting to get tired so he offered for me to put my head on his shoulder. I accepted and did so. I felt relaxed and after 45 minutes, the movie came to an end.

Luke and I shut the TV off and sat on the terrace. I was mesmerized by the appearance of the stars that appeared the sky.

"This view is simply amazing," I said in awe.

"I agree. I've never really noticed the starts until tonight."

"They are beautiful but the ones on the base are breathtaking. I used to gaze at the stars every night before I go to bed," I said, reminiscing the times I used to sneak out to gaze at them.

"Really? I hope I can go with you someday."

"Oh, you won't regret it."

"Do you miss home?" he asked as he looked into my eyes.

"Yeah. I like being with you guys but I miss my family too."

"That's understandable. You talk with them often?"

"I do. Talking with them makes me forget that I even miss them," I replied as I yawned.

Luke sensed my tiredness and said," Let's go upstairs,we're tired."

I nodded and we left, calling it a night.

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