A new beginning

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Today I'm going to New York to meet my sister Jessie!!! It's been a while since I saw her and I wonder how she is now. Dad said that I'll go to school there after the summer break. I'm so not ready for that. I'm fine staying in my good ol' Texas.

I got up that morning feeling refreshed from a good night sleep.
I got ready and wore this:

I greeted my dad as I entered the kitchen

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I greeted my dad as I entered the kitchen. "Hey pumpkin are you pumped to visit the big Apple?" he asked. "Yes I miss Jessie so much" I said eating my apple. "Great I know she is happy to see you as well. You have an hour to get to the airport let's go " he said with a serious voice. "Sir yes sir!!!" I said as I took my luggage and entered the car.

Jessie POV

Today my sister Mia is coming to New York!!! I am so excited.  Her room has already been arranged and I asked my bosses if she could stay and they said as long as I want!!!
(They are very generous)

I called all of the kids downstairs for a pep talk. "Please my sister will be here soon and don't do anything that will drive her crazy " I said. "Of course not who do you think we are?" Ravi said and I shot him a look. "Don't worry Jessie. What does she look like?" Emma asked and I showed her the picture

 What does she look like?" Emma asked and I showed her the picture

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"Woah she's pretty " Luke said. "Yeah and out of bounds" I said. "YAY" Zuri said enthusiastically.
"Not  another child!!!" Bertram cried as we laughed.


I arrived at the airport and got into the taxi. I showed the driver the  address Jessie gave me and  the taxi stopped to a huge building.  I got out and paid the driver before I went in. At the lobby I met a young door man.
"Hi I'm Tony and you are?" He asked with a smile on his face. I returned the smile and said  "I'm Mia I'm here to see Jessie Prescott" .  "Oh you're her sister she was talking about. I'll tell her you're here and just go to the top floor. That's where she is" he said. "Thanks" I said and then the elevator opened. It was a middle aged woman carrying a dog. "Has that dog been eating well?" I asked Tony as he laughed. "I guess he exercises too much " he said. "You have a good sense of humour though". "Thanks" I said and went to the elevator.

Jessie POV

The elevator opened. She stepped in the apartment and saw me. "MIA!!!" I yelled as I went to hug her. "Gosh Jessie you're choking me" Mia said trying to regain the air she has lost.
"Sorry I just miss you so much" I said. "I missed you too" she said as we hugged again. I let go and yelled "Kids come downstairs she's here!!!"


I saw four kids coming down the stairs. One was dark skinned with long and curly black hair. One was Indian.  One was tall and blonde and the last one had curly dark brown hair with freckles. He's cute though. God what's happening to me?!

They stood beside Jessie and Jessie introduced us. "SO Mia this is Emma, Ravi,  Zuri and Luke" she said. "Hi Can I just say that you have amazing taste" Emma said looking at my outfit. "Hey and thanks" I said. "It is a pleasure to meet you" Ravi said as he took my hand and shook it. "What a firm handshake" he said and I let go of his hand. "Sorry I played a lot of football in Texas" I said. "You play sports?" Luke asked as he shoved Ravi out of the way. "Yeah and I also sing,  dance, act and design" I said. "A multi talented one too" Luke said as he winked at me. I felt my cheeks heating. "Woah is that an Asian Water Monitor Lizard?!" I said as I knelt down to pet the 7 foot lizard. "Woah you know science?" Ravi asked. "Yeah... Don't tell anybody" I said. "That's Mrs Kipling. She's great but kinda sassy" Zuri said as Mrs Kipling hissed. "What? Don't tell me that I'm wrong" Zuri said.  "Okay guys let's leave Mia to adjust herself and meet us for dinner" Jessie said and helped me get upstairs.

The room was very beautiful 💎
She left me there and I dropped on the bed. I heard a knock and saw Emma entering the room. " I don't know what happened downstairs but you like Luke" she said. "I just came here how would I like him that fast?" I asked. "I don't know but he was totally  flirting with you". "Well you aren't lying".Kids dinner!!!!" Jessie yells.

We all run downstairs and I sit between Zuri and Luke.

"You know if you're not comfortable, you can sit on my lap if you want." Luke whispers to me  and I roll my eyes.

"Not going to happen" I said and  Zuri and Emma laugh at my comment.

"So you guys like Mia?" Jessie asks them.

I hope so

"Yeah!" Everyone says and I smile.

"Definitely." Luke added and I just look at him and smile.

"Wow thank you guys I like you too!"

"Hey Mia do you wanna come to the mall with Zuri and I tomorrow?" Emma asked. "Sure. I'd love to see more of New York" I said.

After dinner I helped Bertram wash the dishes. "Thanks Mia no kid ever helps me" he said.  "It's fine I love to help around" I said with a smile.  He smiled back and said, "You've earned yourself a new friend. Agree that we help each other in need?" "Absolutely"

It was getting late so I decided to change into my pajamas.

"Night Angel " Luke called to me as I walk to my room.

"Night Freckles." I replied sarcastically.

We both laugh and head into our rooms.

"Beep Beep! Couple Alert." Emma jokes and I hushed at her.

"Shut up!" I said

"Okay then" Emma smirked and entered her room

New York isn't going to be bad after all🌙

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