Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Libby Ashford


                Two males stood center attention, the crowd forming a circle a polite distance away. Both were cut up and bruised and both were clearly furious. Their bodies seemed to be shaking from the emotions running through them. One of them was shorter but looked to be packed with muscle. Dark eyes watched his opponent with an animalistic glint to them, stance never moving an inch. His black hair was cropped short and showed off a rather angular face. I was shocked at how much muscle he had, the sleeves of his shirt stretching to accommodate his arms. With his slightly crouched-ready-to-pounce stance, he was quite intimidating. I wasn’t blind enough to see he was also very attractive in a very roughish, dangerous way. However, it wasn’t him who caught my eye.

                It was the guy he was fighting with.

                While I spent all of three seconds looking at the first guy, my attention was enamored on this second guy. Taller, leaner, and to be honest, way hotter. Thick black hair coated his head, dark eyes concentrating intensely on the guy in front of him. Tanned and toned arms stuck out from underneath his white shirt while his deliciously tight dark black pants hung low. It was clear that while this guy didn’t have the obvious muscle his opponent did, he was just as strong, if not more. I watched in amazement as his naturally pink tinted lips pulled back to reveal white teeth while a growl like sound emanated from his chest. Power seeped from the two men in front of me, pouring into the air and filling the tight circle around them with tension.  It was then that I took notice of the two names being chanted over and over again.

                “Kick his ass Kyle!” A guy screamed out next to me. I cringed away from him only to find myself pushed up against another unfamiliar body.

                “Show him who’s boss Nick!” He shouted, his body practically shaking with excitement.

                The crowd shifted until almost everyone shouting out Kyle’s name stood behind the shorter of the two while a large amount of people crowded behind the amazingly handsome guy while shouting out Nick’s name. It wasn’t too hard to distinguish who was who now. I stood in the middle, not certain where to go from here. I couldn’t find Meredith or Darcy and the constant onslaught of name shouting was giving me a headache. Each time someone bumped into me, it took me a good few seconds to calm my quivering body down only to have someone else brush past me just as I calmed down again. After a few dozen incidents of this I felt the tell-tale signs of my body tiring out from the levels of anxiety coursing through me.

I needed to get out of this crowd and I needed to do it now.

Turning around to try and push myself out of the crowd, I came face to face with a wall of strong bodies that seemed to only move forward. I tried to wiggle my way through the bodies only to return back to my original place. I thought I spotted a furious looking Lilly and smug filled Sasha but when I blinked they were both gone. Another large swell through the crowd had me turning to look at the two guys fighting behind me. I gasped and pressed a hand to my mouth when I saw Kyle tackle Nick to the ground, his fist flying unmercifully towards Nick’s face. Nick rolled with seconds to spare and avoided the punch, his own fists immediately getting to work in pounding in Kyle’s stomach. I cringed and tried my best to look away. Violence was not something I could stomach, not after everything I’ve been through.

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