Chapter 9

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I know, this is really short but I wanted to use this chapter to get into Nick's head and see more of his reaction to finding his mate and then her being attacked. I really don't know how you guys are going to react to him. I can see some of you hating him and then some of you might like him

I also made this short because usually the first time I do the male POV, I tend to keep it short. I lengthen the male POV'S as they go but the first one is always short because I like to keep him sort of mysterious. So the next Nick POV will most likely be longer than this

Because this is so short and I already know how to start the next chapter, the next update will be relatively soon

Almost forgot to mention, yes I know it was 2 1/2 hours. Got a lot of comments about that. I can do that math in my head, I just wanted to add humor there and show Libby really isn't the best at math.

Last but not least, to honor Nick's POV I thought I would put another picture of him because he's just soooo hot :)

Anywho, I'll let you continue on to read

Thank you to everyone who votes, comments, fans, and all the silent reader (:

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                Chapter 9

Nicholas St.Claire


                “We’ve got a problem.”  I sighed into the phone and slid easily away from the blond currently occupying my bed.

                “What is it?” I growled, unhappy at being disturbed. I pulled my jeans on much to the displeasure of the blond.

                “Rogues. Libby.” Dustin replied harshly. My blood ran cold.


                Everything about her screamed innocence and purity. Her hair was as golden as the sun, skin creamy and perfectly unblemished. She was beautiful and downright gorgeous but I wouldn’t exactly classify her as sexy. She was too sweet looking, a tad too soft on the eyes. Like I said, she had an innocent air about her. You could say she looked like the girl you met at church and brought home to meet the parents. Girls like that are mysterious in a way as everyone would like to see if they are as good as they look. Unfortunately, it seems Libby has already drawn the attention of most of the males in our school and much to my distaste, I predict a fierce competition to see who will get to her first.

                I doubt any of the males vying for her attention took the time to notice the slight glint in her gorgeous blue eyes. As blue as the ocean, her eyes drew me in every time I looked at her. And look at her often I did. That would be how I noticed the particular edge in her sapphire eyes. The edge that hinted at a deeper side of Libby. I’m fairly good at reading people and something tells me Libby isn’t as innocent and light as she seems. Her eyes are fairly happy but there’s also a background of heaviness. They say a person’s eyes are the window to the soul. If that’s true, then Libby’s seen more things than you’d expect of her.

                Libby. My mate.

                I frowned at that. As glorious as my mate was, she was also human. Humans and werewolves don’t often work out well. Every now and then you’ll hear of a normal werewolf having a human mate but never an Alpha. Regrettably, I happened to be Alpha of the Full Moon Pack. Not only large and strong, my pack happens to be one of the oldest around. We’re known for our quick fighters and strong defense. We don’t associate much with other packs simply because we have no need to. We have a few alliances just as buffers in case any other pack was stupid enough to attack but other than that we were content to keep to ourselves. Being an Alpha means you make friends and enemies however with my harsh attitude I have more enemies than friends. Were Libby a werewolf I would have no problem with her being my mate but she’s not. She’s human. She’s susceptible to attacks and would be a target if anyone knew she was my mate. The werewolf community has been waiting for years for me to find my mate. She would be the ultimate weakness of Nicholas St.Claire, the greatest Achilles heel.

                I couldn’t let that happen, not to her. She was too bright, too good for my world. Sometimes you look at someone and you just know that person is meant for something better. You know somewhere deep inside you that that person is going to change the world. Every time I look at Libby I’m struck with that feeling. You make the ultimate sacrifices for your mate and the greatest sacrifice I make for Libby will be one she never knows about.  I’ll sacrifice my happiness if it means she’s never tainted by my world. Werewolves aren’t as cute and furry as portrayed so many times in books and movies. It’s misleading really as most of us are harsh and have a strong instinct to fight. Even the brightest werewolves have a malicious side and won’t hesitate to kill if provoked. I would try my hardest to make sure Libby never joined my world.

                It seems as though something’s cannot he helped though.

                “Explain. Now.” I demanded of Dustin. If one strand of golden blond hair was misplaced on my mate’s head I will hunt down every rogue and extinguish them.

                “I didn’t get much out of her, she’s so shaken up. From what I could gather she was walking home and was attacked. She only saw its face and said it looked like a distorted wolf.” Distress flared in me as my wolf pleaded with me to go find our mate and comfort her. I restrained myself. If I wanted her to be safe, I couldn’t be a part of her life and I had to continue with mine like everything was normal.

                Hence the blond in my bed.

                My wolf was already disgusted with me for being with someone else but he had yet to understand the danger our mate would be in if anyone knew what she was to me. I’ll admit, I wasn’t particularly pleased with being with any other girl besides my mate but it had to be done. I had to keep myself distracted from running to our mate. Plus I needed to keep up appearances. It’s been known I enjoy spending time with females in the bedroom, it would be suspicious if I suddenly stopped. You’re being unfaithful. I tried to ignore my subconscious who for the first time was agreeing with my wolf. I’m  not too happy with how soft I get every time I think of my mate. I had to stop that or someone would notice how I acted around Libby and put it together.

                “Are you sure it wasn’t someone from Kyle’s pack?” I growled at the thought. Kyle and I have hated each other ever since he knocked me over in the sand pit and I pushed him off a swing as revenge. That was in the first grade.

                “I thought the same thing but then she described it. Black. With yellow eyes.” I froze. I’d gotten rid of him years ago, he couldn’t be back.

                “He can’t be back. It has to be some other wolf.” I argued.

                “His scent was all over her. It’s him Nick, Cameron is back.” I couldn’t deny how sure Dustin sounded.

                What the hell did he want with my mate?

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