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 To anyone who has decided to read this, thank you. I've written three other stories but this one is a little different from those. I'll warn you now that this story is more mature and involves abuse. Nothing too graphic, but if you don't like those kinds of stories then I wouldn't read on. 

Thank you to anyone who decided to give this story a chance and I hope you enjoy :)

(Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes)



                We ran. While he was knocked out after a hazy night of drunken beatings, we left. Simple as that. We walked out the front door and never glanced back. Not when we got in the car and backed out of the driveway. Not when we passed city boundaries and not when we crossed state lines. It sounds heartless, I know, but no one will ever begin to understand the amount of relief I felt when I crossed the threshold of my house, never looking back on the life I left behind.


                I’ve always found it interesting how different a person’s appearance is when compared to their personality, their true self. The most beautiful person in the world can also be the ugliest. A woman one hundred pounds over-weight with dirty, grungy hair can be the nicest person you’ll ever meet. In my case, the most charming man a person could dream of also happens to be the man behind the mask in my nightmares. The man that shakes your hand and flashes you a set of perfect white teeth is also the man that haunts my daydreams . The outgoing gentlemen who you can’t help but trust soon dissolves into nothing but a heartless monster behind closed doors and its then, when my dreams become just that, wishful thinking, and my nightmares become  reality. When he’s beating down my door, stumbling over his words in a drunken rage, I wonder endlessly how someone so seemingly calm and caring on the outside can be such a hideous creature on the inside.

                Deception. Disguise. Blindness. Call it what you will but it all means the same thing. People aren’t always what they appear, more often than not they’re slightly less or slightly more. Slightly more beautiful on the inside due to their humor, slightly more ugly due to their snootiness. All in all, no one could have ever known the smart business man standing before them is the same man who camps out at the local bar before coming home to beat on whoever was in his line of sight. Deception is a powerful thing as no one can ever see it until it’s too late to change anything.

                Like I said before, no one will ever begin to understand the relief I felt when I left my home for good, never looking back.

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