Chapter 6

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Lilly >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(Played by Brittany Snow)

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Chapter 6

Libby Ashford


“What the hell was that?” Lilly stepped forward, glaring at Nick with her hands on her hips.

Whatever moment we had been in the middle of was interrupted with her question. I looked away, suddenly flustered and embarrassed. How stupid did I look just staring at probably one of the hottest guys on the planet? Pretty stupid. Nick’s face flashed with annoyance before looking at the blond haired little pixie.

“Whatever do you mean Lillykins?” Nick drawled, taking on a slightly bored tone. I frowned, his sudden change of attitude wasn’t very attractive. Everything from his relaxed posture and now present smirk screamed cocky and arrogant.

“You know what I mean!” Lilly growled, her eyes flashing with anger. “And I told you to never call me that.”

“Lillykins, when do I ever listen to you?” Ok, major attitude change here.

“Are you crazy Nick? Or are you just plain stupid?” Lilly ranted. “You’re not even back a full day and you’re already picking fights with Kyle! Then I walk over here and find you about to rip Bradshaw’s head off.” She cut off and shook her head while chuckling sarcastically. “You must have really loved that school for delinquents because that’s where you’re going to end up if you keep acting like this!”

“Lilly, I’m eighteen now. They can’t send me there and as far as I’m concerned, my birthday was the day I got the freedom to do whatever the hell I please.”

“This is just going to go over so well with dad.” Lilly retorted, her faze ablaze with fury.

Dad? Nick is the brother that Lilly was talking about? The one that got sent away? I looked back and forth between them, trying to find the resemblance. It was like looking at day and night. Lilly’s golden blond hair and blue eyes contrasted with Nick’s raven black hair and dark brown eyes. Lilly looked like a little elf like creature with her petite size and pale skin while Nick towered over her in his tan, six foot-something glory. If I had seen the two in a family picture I would have guessed they were friends, perhaps far off cousins, but not brother and sister. However, the more I looked the more I could see the subtle similarities. I guess one could say they had the same high cheekbones, similar face shapes, maybe even a gleam in their eyes that was alike.  

“Won’t matter in a few months.” Nick replied evenly, bringing me back to their argument.

“Do you really think he’s just going to hand you the position? Just like that, even with your behavior.” Lilly hissed incredulously.

“Maybe not, but if I challenge him…” Nick trailed off, smirking at his sister’s disbelieving expression.

Hold up here, what are they going on about now? Position? Challenging someone for something? I almost wanted to laugh at how odd they sounded.

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