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Chapter 8

Libby Ashford


                I huffed as I pulled my binder from my locker and shoved it into my already full book bag. Apparently, the teachers at this school believed in work. Lots of work. Already I had two projects, a research report, and let’s not forget all the work that comes in a normal school day. The bell to end the day had rung moments ago and people were still rushing past to get out. I jumped when my phone buzzed in my back pocket, signaling a text message. I frowned when I saw it was from my mother, texts from her usually resulted in bad news for me.

                ‘Working late. Walk home. Money on the counter for dinner.’

                Lovely, I just get to walk that five or six miles home in the blazing heat. Just what I mean when I said texts from my mother usually had bad outcomes. Case in point, a long and sweaty walk home. Frowning, I slammed my locker closed and pushed my way out of the school. As I made my way across the school parking lot, I grabbed my Ipod from my backpack and flicked through my playlists until a found a suitable one. Quickly I attempted to calculate how long it would take me to get home considering it took me a good twenty to twenty five minutes the last time I had to walk a single mile. So that’s twenty five minutes per mile times six miles and that brings me to…25 hours.

                25 hours?

                Ok, I’m obviously terrible at math but even I know that’s wrong. I was in calculus by the pure magic of the tutor I’d had before we moved but it seems now I can’t even do the simplest calculations. I shrugged off my mishap. Somewhere along the way I must have misplaced a number or put the decimal in the wrong place because it surely wouldn’t take me 25 hours to get home. The further I walked away from school, the less cars passed  by me. Eventually I was left by myself staring ahead at a deserted road. The school was a few miles out of town so it would be awhile before I reached civilization.

                A half hour later and I was sweaty and out of breath. Don’t get me wrong, I run often so I’m in pretty good shape, but walking six miles with a backpack weighing me down and the blistering heat bearing down completely changed the circumstances. I threw my bag down on the ground and leaned against a tree by the side of the road to catch my breath. I scowled when I pulled my water bottle out of my backpack and found it empty. Of course it would be empty! Because I have the worst luck in the world so right when I needed water the most I would have none. I sighed and leaned my head back against the trunk of the tree, savoring the shade it gave. Thankfully I happened to be walking through a highly wooded area with lots of trees to offer protection from the ruthless sun. I took deep breaths with my eyes closed.

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