Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Libby Ashford


                “Nicholas.” Bradshaw gritted out with great reluctance, forcing a smile on his face. “I wish I could say it’s good to see you but I’m not one to lie so…”

                “Your humor is admirable but I’d watch out, it could get your ass kicked one day.” Nick bit back. My back remained facing him, my eyes most likely wide from the amount of tension filling the air.

                “Lovely as always Nick. I can say for sure that I have most definitely not missed you.” To my surprise, Nick only chuckled at Bradshaw’s response.

                “And who is this…friend of yours?” I knew instantly Nick was referring to me but still refused to turn around. I certainly did not want to get sucked into the amazing vortex known as his eyes. What confused me about Nick’s question was his tone. The way he said friend almost sounded like he didn’t like that.

                “This,” Bradshaw grinned down at me before suddenly reaching out and hooking an arm around my shoulders, turning me around in the process. “This here is Libby.”

                With no other choice, I slowly turned around. Is it possible to be totally captivated by someone’s eyes? I’d read about two people meeting and instantly falling in love, I’d seen coupes portray the instant connection in movies and I’d heard about it often enough during songs but never in my life did I ever expect that to happen to me. I’d always scoffed at the idea of love at first sight. This…this wasn’t love at first sight but I couldn’t help but feel something for the stranger standing before me. Nick’s eyes were dark and smoldering, his gaze assessing each aspect of my face as if he was memorizing it. I can’t tell you how long we stared each other long because as cheesy as it sounds, I lost track of everything by just looking at him.

 It was unbelievable and completely unacceptable!

                I could not like someone when I had sworn off relationships! I can’t even like someone that I don’t know! How ridiculous that would be. Even with all of that running through my head, I couldn’t help but return the grin that spread across his face with a small smile of my own. His eyes held mine for a moment more before he glanced down and saw Bradshaw’s arm still spread across my shoulder. I had been so caught up in Nick that I’d forgotten the weight of Bradshaw’s arm around me. I shifted uncomfortably, feeling the familiar dread of having someone touch me. What confused me was the absolute fury on Nick’s face. I scrunched me face up at the sudden emotion, curiosity igniting in me when I saw something that looked like jealousy flash across Nick’s face.

                “Bradshaw, I suggest you remove your arm.” Nick’s voice was clipped and cool.

                “And why would I listen to you Nicky?” Bradshaw teased, pulling me closer. I gulped and held my breath, trying to count my breaths. I’d been told to count my heartbeats when I panic to help calm me down.

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