Chapter 1

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I'll admit, I was surprised at the number of people taking an interest in the story. I was a little worried about how the it would be recieved but so far it seems many of you are interested. I hope you continue on with this story because I havea pretty good feeling about it.

As customary for most of my books, the first chapter might be a little less exciting. It's more of a background for the story and it sets up a lot of different situations. I promise the next chapter will keep your interest so please stick with it :)

Thank you to anyone who voted or commented or fanned on the last chapter. It's great that you already like the beginning and I appreciate the support. (:

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                Chapter 1

Libby Ashford

                “You guys sure do pack light. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone move into a new place with only half a dozen boxes.” The realtor looked over our minimal belongings with surprise glinting in his eyes.

                “A moving truck is on the way here.” My mother lied easily, waving her hand dismissively.

                “Alright, well we’ve got all the paperwork done and you’ve paid the down payment so as long as you keep up with the rent every month, this place is yours to do as you please.” I kept my face neutral as I glanced around my new house. “Is there anything else you guys need? Perhaps some tips on where the best places in town are?”

                “I think we’ll be fine, thank you.” He shrugged and held out his hand, shaking hers. He let go of her more delicate hand and once again held his out, for me to shake this time. I ignored the urge to flinch and instead looked pointedly down at his hand before looking away, refusing to touch him. The realtor quickly pulled his hand back and retreated towards the front door, pausing to speak before walking out. “Welcome to Dallas ladies.”


                Third largest city in Texas, ninth largest city in the U.S.  Home to cowboys and debutants. Communities filled with high class families and not to mention slightly crazed football fans. Dallas, Texas. My new home.

                As soon as the door clicked shut the room was enveloped in an uncomfortable silence. I avoided looking at my mother, knowing I’d see nothing but an emotionless pit of blue in her eyes. Perhaps a glimpse of disappointment or disapproval if I was lucky. Instead, I studied the worn toes of my sneakers and the way they stood out against the polished wood of the floor. I waited a second more before glancing up at her through my lashes. She was looking around the room, her face showing her unsatisfied feelings. It was my fault that she was so clearly unhappy and we both knew it.

                “Mom, I-” I started but she quickly cut me off.

                “Why don’t you go pick your bedroom and move your boxes in. We’ll go shopping later for everything else.” I didn’t miss the way she avoided looking directly at me as she turned her back to me and looked down at what little we could bring with us.

                “Ok.” I whispered quietly, knowing she wouldn’t hear me. Without another word I spun on my heel and made my way to the staircase.

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