Chapter 3

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                                                                        Chapter 3

Libby Ashford


                I sat through my classes quietly and tried to be as inconspicuous as possible. The thing is, when you’re seen walking around with two of the most well-known girls in school on only your first day, it garners you some questioning looks. So while I sat in the back of the classroom staring at the board, my classmates gave me curious glances while not so discreetly talking about me.

It was mortifying.

I was sitting in my third period class and trying to ignore the more blatant looks I was receiving when I spotted a familiar brunette bounce into the room. Her brown hair was curled loosely and framed her perfectly made up face. While her shirt and shorts were simple enough, they seemed to look better on  her then I knew they would on me. The lavender top was loose enough to slip off one shoulder and hint at her tan shoulder while her shorts were cut stylishly but not short enough to be considered slutty. I almost sighed enviously when I caught sight of her toned legs that with the help of high heeled sandals, looked like they stretched on for miles. She was the picture of striking beauty.

Exactly what my parents had always wanted from me. Exactly what I had always wished I was.

“Liberty!” Meredith shrieked once her roaming eyes found my sulking form. A blond girl sitting a few seats away opened her mouth in shock.

“She knows Meredith too? What the hell!” She said in a hushed shout. A few more girls scattered around her nodded in agreement and gazed at me with a renewed curious fire in their eyes.

“Thank you Meredith.” I muttered, bowing my head to escape the stares. If my mother were here she’d tell me to bask in the attention I was getting. I guess it’s a good thing she wasn’t here then.

“Oh hush.” Meredith suddenly appeared in front of my desk and scowled at me. I’m not really too sure how she heard me as she was all the way across the classroom.

“Hi.” I mumbled. She grinned at me before looking around frowning.

“Uhh, Libby,” She leaned in a little closer and held a hand up. “What are you doing back here?”

“What?” Was my ingenious reply. Was the seat I was sitting in reserved or something?

“The back of the room.” She glanced around in distaste before lowering the volume of her voice. “Only losers sit in the back of the room.”

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