Chapter 10

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This chapter is more of a filler but it introduces a new character who will be kind of important in the end. 

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                Chapter 10

Libby Ashford

                "How did you get into my house?" I questioned the four people sitting at my breakfast bar.

                "Door was unlocked." Dustin mumbled around his bowl of cereal.

                "So you just decided to come in then?" I wasn't mad, merely astounded that they were brave enough to walk into someone's house unannounced and uninvited. Especially since they'd only known said person for a single day.

                "Basically." Lilly replied and shrugged while Meredith nodded. Sasha studiously ignored me while she inspected her nails.

                "Such odd people." I murmured, flushing when Lilly stuck her tongue out. I'd said it so quietly I honestly didn't think they would hear me.

                "We're not odd. You my friend, are the odd one. You barely have any food in your kitchen and you're here by yourself." Lilly retorted. I was about to pull out the only box of cereal that we had when I stopped and turned around to look at Lilly.

                "How do you know no one else is here?" I asked suspiciously. I already knew my mom wasn't here, she never stayed late enough to have breakfast with me. Lilly looked deep in thought before she smiled brightly.

                "No car in the driveway." She nodded to herself like she was proud she'd come up with that simple statement.

                "Always stay home by yourself?" Dustin asked as I started eating. I gave him a questioning glance. "I noticed there wasn't a car in your driveway last night. Your parents must work a lot of they aren't here at night and leave really early in the morning."

                "Actually it's just me and my mom and she does work a lot." I tried to make my voice as indifferent as possible.

                "I'm sorry Libby, I didn't know about your dad." Dustin shrugged apologetically while I looked on at him in confusion. Suddenly it dawned on me what I had implied.

                "Oh no, he's not dead." I waved off his apology.

                "So what happened? With your dad?" Sasha asked looking curious.

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