Chapter 7

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Ok, so I looked at the comments and it was pretty much split between shorter uploads and longer uploads. There were a few requests for medium length uploads too which I took into consideration. However, there were a few more people who wanted longer chapters with a slightly longer wait so I think I'll end up doing that. When I say longer I'm talking an average of 4-5 pages with a 4-5 wait (most likely 4)

I've been having people ask for Nick's POV and I just want to say I'm getting to that but I have a certain scene in mind so just wait a few more chapters. 

Let me repeat this so some of you aren't confused anymore, Libby is NOT a werewolf. She does not know about them or anything else for that matter. 

I know that these first few chapters aren't all that exciting but please remember this is the beginning of the story. I need to introduce the characters before I can dive into the dramatics. I can promise that there are some exciting scenes coming up

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 Libby Ashford


                I bowed my head down as we walked, peeking up at him every now and then. He walked with such confidence it was easy to feel intimidated. As we walked, people stopped to watch. Ok, more like gawk. I sighed, it was only a matter of seconds before the whispers started up. My plan to blend in wasn’t going too well.

                “What?” Nick asked, his deep voice sending chills through me. Good chills, chills that made me want to reach out and touch his tempting hair.

                “What?” I repeated, unsure of what he was asking.

                “You sighed. Why?” He glared at a guy who was looking at me just a little too eagerly.

                “I didn’t sigh.” I denied. I don’t know why I was denying it, probably because I wasn’t too keen on telling a near stranger my fear of being in the public eye.

                “Yes you did.” Nick raised his eyebrows, daring me to argue.

                “Ok, fine.” I admitted, looking away from his alluring eyes.

                “Well?” He prompted. I looked over at him as I tried to come up with something to tell him but instead found myself entranced by his compelling stare.


                “I don’t like being in the spotlight and much to my dismay, it seems I’ve been the talk of the school.” I admitted without thinking. Nick looked surprised but allowed a smirk to cross his face.

                “I hate to tell you this, but I don’t see your newfound popularity going anywhere. Especially if you hang around with us.” I shook my head softly with a smile.

                “Well then, it looks like I’m going to find new friends.” I followed Nick up a set of stairs and into a building towards the back of campus.

                “You could do that,” Nick glanced behind him to send a dazzling grin in my direction. “But I don’t think that’ll work. You’d still be talked about frequently.”

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