Chapter 2

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To answer some of your questions, yes this is a werewolf story but no, Libby is not a werewolf. I think you can guess who would be though...

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Chapter 2


                “Keep your head up and smile.” My mother instructed me as we pulled to a stop in front of the high school. “Remember to always meet people’s eyes and make sure you look friendly and pretty. No slouching, fidgeting, or eye rolling Felicity.” I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at her stern warning and simply nodded.

                “Yes mother.” I murmured knowing she wanted a verbal response.

                “For heaven’s sakes speak up Felicity. Don’t mumble, it’s impolite.” My mother scolded harshly and frowned at me. I nodded once again with my eyes trained on the my folded hands in my lap. “And what did I say about eye contact? It’s rude to look away when someone is talking to you.”

                “Yes mother.” I met her glare and tried my best not to flinch.

                After she’d approved of all of my bedroom furnishings the day before, aside from the blue and green pillow, she’d insisted we go home and put everything together. After that was done she resigned to her new in-home office and left me to eat alone in the kitchen. Most people would probably feel lonely if their mother left them alone to do work instead while I simply felt…relieved. I hadn’t seen her until this morning when she’d barged into my room to wake me up before school a full two and a half hours before I was due to start. Only after every strand of hair was curled to perfection and my outfit was deemed appropriate did she let me eat breakfast before driving me to school.

                “I’ll be home late tonight as I have to get settled in at my new job,” I didn’t miss the sneer she didn’t try to hide when she mentioned her new job. It was with a different company than before and still paid well, just not as well as her other one. Of course that means in her eyes, her new job was a step down, yet another thing I’d taken from her.  “That means you’ll have to walk home and find yourself some dinner. I’ll leave money on the counter for you to go grocery shopping just don’t forget no fats, sugars, or salts.”

                “Of course.” I opened the door and paused to see if she would say anything else. Perhaps a “good luck on your first day of school” or a “make lots of friends” but instead received silence. I glanced behind me to see her checking her hair and lipstick in the mirror, completely ignorant of her daughter.

                I stepped out and closed the door behind me without another word. She sped off without a second thought and left me to deal with the curious gazes of the people in the parking lot. Already breaking her rules, I looked down nervously and pulled at the hem of my loose white shirt. As I walked towards the office I could literally feel the gaze of the entire student population on me. It wasn’t hard to differentiate between the heated lustful gazes of the males and the scrutinizing envious glares the girls were sending me. Nervously pulling a few strands of hair over my shoulder to shield me, I made my way to the office where I was supposed to meet with the principle.

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